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Florida Medical Malpractice Lawyers > Videos > Personal Injury Law > What is my personal injury case worth?

What is my personal injury case worth?

We get that question in all our cases. What is the case worth?

In the beginning, we don’t know what it’s worth, because we don’t know all the facts. But when we learn the facts, we’re looking for, how clear is the case against the other party? We’re looking at, how serious is the damage? We’re looking at how closely we can connect the damage to the wrongful act. In other words, if it’s tenuous or very clear. And then, finally, we’re looking for, how are we going to collect it?

It’s impossible to answer those questions early on until you have that information. In our firm, once we start collecting that information, we give the clients a very full and frank discussion of what we think the case is worth. But we rarely tell them what we think it’s worth in the very beginning because we don’t have enough information.

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