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Update: Adults Text And Drive Even More Than Teens

Some of our recent coverage focused on the unique risks that teenage drivers pose to Florida motorists. Specifically, teenage drivers are likely to try to juggle the responsibilities of operating a vehicle with text messaging or surfing the web on a smart phone. Texting and driving is extremely dangerous because it diverts all of a driver’s attention from the road-some experts believe that this level of distraction is more dangerous than driving drunk.

This week, however, a new survey by AT&T is warning that teenagers might not be the worst distraction offenders. According to the results of AT&T’s survey, 49 percent of American adults admitted that they text behind the wheel. By comparison, 43 percent of teenagers admitted to texting. Both numbers should be very concerning to Floridians.

Another disturbing statistic appears in AT&T’s statistics. Although close to half of all adult respondents admitted that they text and drive, 60 percent said that they had never done it before three years ago. This likely means that distracted driving is becoming more common and more dangerous-all in spite of the aggressive awareness efforts of companies like AT&T and government agencies.

Source: USA Today, “Texting in traffic: Adults worse than teens,” Larry Copeland, Mar. 28, 2013

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