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Trampolines Can Be A Dangerous Activity For Kids

Sky Zone, Florida’s first trampoline indoor park opened in Doral last year with 16,000 square feet of trampoline space with bouncy walls, basketball hoops and dodge ball courts.

However, when it comes to engaging in physical activities, doctors are urging children and adults to avoid trampolines.

In 2012, the safety of trampoline parks has been in the news after 18 families sued a Washington-based trampoline facility for negligence. One of those cases involves the teenage son of Christine Flygare who suffered a serious spinal cord injury last April leaving him partially paralyzed.

In an updated policy statement published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers found that although trampoline-related injuries have decreased in the past few years, there were still 98,000 injuries in 2009 resulting in 3,100 hospitalizations.

In 2006, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended that trampolines never be used in the home environment, physical education classes or in outdoor playgrounds.

The study found that the most common trampoline injuries were sprains, strains and bruises. However, the most dangerous mishaps involved the head and spine. The American Academy of Pediatrics also found that 75 of injuries happen when a group of people are jumping at the same time, and that younger children sustained the more serious injuries. This is because bones of children tend be to softer.

Doctors are also advising against doing flips and somersaults on trampolines, as this can lead to spinal injuries. The journal also revealed that two-thirds of injuries occur when a child or adult hits the mat wrong.

Adults should always supervise trampoline activity, and homeowners who have trampolines on their property should make sure their insurance covers trampoline-related injuries. If you are going to jump on a trampoline, it is best to jump one at a time, and make sure the trampoline is on a flat surface and well-maintained.

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