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Surgical Errors That May Lead to a Florida Medical Malpractice Claim


Surgery is a very detailed, intricate procedure, which is why there is a risk involved any time you need such treatment, especially on an emergency basis or for an existing medical condition. Even a slight mistake can lead to potentially harmful – possibly even deadly – complications for the patient. However, the great majority of surgical errors are preventable: According to an article posted by WebMD, researchers estimate that there are more than 4,000 surgical mistakes every year, though the true number is likely higher due to lack of reporting.

These incidents are termed “never” events because, in the specialty area of surgery, they should not occur (ever) when a surgeon exercises due care in conducting the procedure. Mistakes may constitute medical malpractice, so it is essential to discuss your legal options with a Florida surgical errors attorney. Plus, you might benefit from learning about the most common, preventable never events. 

Incorrect Location Surgery: Surgery can go horrifically wrong when the physician operates on the improper body part. The end result could be removal of a healthy organ or amputation of a limb. Often, this surgical error is the result of a lack of preparation or miscommunication among operating room staff. At times, it may be the direct result of a surgeon’s mistake if he or she is unprepared for the procedure. 

Leaving Foreign Objects Inside the Patient: Disruptions, fatigue, and other factors may lead a surgeon to be lackadaisical when stitching a patient up after the procedure is complete. The doctor may not notice that a sponge, clamp, surgical tools, or other device remains inside the patient’s body. Leaving something behind is one surgical mistake that’s especially egregious considering the object may not be discovered for weeks – or even months. 

Operating on the Wrong Patient: Another disturbing surgical error is often caused by negligently switching up medical records. Understaffing and exhausted personnel can lead to misplacement of a patient chart, in which case the surgeon performs a procedure on the wrong person.

Performing the Wrong Procedure: The most common reason a physician may conduct an improper surgery is a diagnostic mistake. Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis might lead a health care provider to believe surgery is necessary, when some other form of treatment would be more appropriate. Because of the risks involved with surgery, usually the less invasive option is preferred. 

Slicing Into Adjacent Tissue: Surgeons need steady hands to perform procedures, since even a slight slip or tremor could lead the doctor to cut into a nearby organ, blood vessel, or other tissue. Death, organ failure, hemorrhaging and other trauma might require emergency surgery to repair the damage. 

Set Up a Free Consultation with a Florida Surgical Errors Lawyer 

If you or a loved one was harmed or worse by a mistake during surgery, you may qualify to recover compensation under Florida’s medical negligence laws. Our team at Freidin Brown, P.A. can assess your circumstances and determine your legal remedies, so please contact our offices today. We can schedule a no-cost case evaluation with a knowledgeable Miami surgical error attorney who can advise you regarding your claim.


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