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Summer Safety: Dog Bite Awareness

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There are over 83 million dogs in the U.S. that are kept by 56.7 million households. With the kids home from school for the summer, now is a good time to remind parents to keep an eye on the youngsters when dogs are present. When dogs are around that you don’t know very well, it’s always safe to only touch them cautiously, to never rough-house with an unfamiliar animal, and to check with the owner before approaching their dog. In general, you should never provoke an animal in any way. Kids don’t always know this rule, so help protect them by letting them know how to act around unfamiliar dogs.

Here are some statistics on dog bites in the United States:

  • The average cost to treat a dog bite at a hospital is a staggering $18,200 – approximately 50 higher than the average injury-related hospital stay

  • Dog bite losses are in excess of $1 billion every year

  • Last year, 35 people were killed in dog attacks – and this number is rising every year

  • Dog bites are the fifth most frequent cause of emergency room visits – each year, more than 350,000 people visit the ER for a dog bite injury

  • 43 of people hospitalized by dog bites requires treatment for skin and underlying tissue infection, blood poisoning, and fractures

  • Children are more likely than adults to receive medical attention for a dog bite, with the rate of injuries highest among five to nine-year-olds

Dog bites are not only physically painful, they also can be expensive and result in lasting injury. If you or a loved one has been injured in a dog attack, you may be entitled to compensation. Talk to a Florida personal injury lawyer at Freidin Brown, P.A. to talk about your rights and legal options. We’re prepared to do what it takes to bring you the compensation you need.

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