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Staying Safe at Concerts & Festivals

When you think of a concert or music festival, you may picture a great time that you and your friends or family can enjoy. You may not consider it to be a dangerous venue, but this doesn’t mean it is completely safe. There are certain things you must be aware of when going to a concert or music festival, as well as measures to take to ensure your safety. At Freidin Brown, P.A., we are well aware of the various problems you may encounter. Because of this, we offer tips that you can utilize while at a music festival or concert to remain safe, as well as detail some major events that have occurred and help you understand if you can take legal action.

Major Incidents at Concerts & Music Festivals

Some concerts and music festivals in the past have seen some major issues regarding security and safety. The result? Numerous injuries and some deaths. Take for instance the 1969 Rolling Stones concert at the Altamont Speedway Free Festival. Hell’s Angels members were hired by the venue to perform security and there was mass chaos. In 1979, The Who took the stage in Cincinnati utilizing a “first come, first serve” method for seating. As soon as the doors opened, the concertgoers stampeded in, resulting in 11 deaths.

Pearl Jam performed at Roskilde Festival in Denmark in 2000 when some of the concertgoers rushed the stage. Unfortunately, this led to 26 people sustaining injuries and 9 others being crushed to death when the stage collapsed. In a similar event a year later, right before Sugarland was set to perform, 7 people died when the stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair. More recently, in 2014 at the Ultra Music Festival, a security guard was trampled and left in critical condition when the insufficient barriers resulted in an unruly crowd. These are serious issues at concerts.

Safety Tips

When you go to a concert or music festival, there are certain measures you can take in order to help make sure you are safe. It is important to take these steps. Doing so can prevent a serious injury or even worse. Here are some tips you can use to improve your safety at a concert:

  • Analyze the situation and venue. Make sure that the venue is clean and security is adequate. With online reviews being so prominent, you can learn a bit about the location before going.

  • Bring someone with you. It may seem a bit like the old “buddy system,” but if you have someone looking after you and you looking after them it can keep you both safe.

  • Remember to use moderation. Too much drinking can be a big cause for a serious problem. Limit yourself so you can still make smart choices and keep yourself healthy throughout the duration of the concert by avoiding dehydration.

  • Only bring what you need. Don’t bring all of your valuable stuff or excessive amounts of cash. There are too many people around and it is important to make sure this stays safe.

  • Avoid heavily populated areas. Stay away from mosh pits or other aggressive gatherings that could result in you sustaining a serious injury.

Can Someone Else Be Liable?

If you are injured in an incident at a concert or music festival, you may be able to take legal action. There may be situations in which another party can be held liable for the incident and your injuries. Before you try to file a lawsuit, though, you want to make sure you know whether or not there was adequate staff and security present to control the crowds. Failure to provide proper security measures could make the venue liable. Also, if there is no type of medical staff on site or way to provide care and treatment is delayed, resulting in worsened injuries or conditions, this may be another liability issue.

If the conditions are unsafe, the stage is not properly setup, pyrotechnic effects are not properly prepared, or the seating was no sturdy, these are all possible causes of serious injuries. If a person is harmed because of any kind of negligence, it may be possible to hold the responsible party financially accountable for the damages sustained.

At Freidin Brown, P.A., our Florida personal injury lawyers work to help injury victims seek compensation from negligent parties. If you were harmed due to negligence, let us help you hold the liable party accountable. Call us today for a free consultation to better understand your rights and options.

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