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Recalled Car Seats Allow Children to Unbuckle Them

The mother of a fidgety toddler says that she notified Evenflo of a serious safety issue with its Transitions Three-in-One Combination Booster Seat and wonders how many other parents did as well before the company took action to recall more than 56,000 seats.

The problem is that children may be able to reach the adjuster button, loosen the internal harness of the seat and climb out of it. The mother says that her 3-year-old son did this on multiple occasions while the car was moving — putting himself and everyone in the vehicle in danger.

She says that she would have to find a safe place to pull the vehicle over — not an easy thing to do on a busy road — or, if she wasn’t the one driving, reach back and try to reattach the harness. She says, “We could have gotten into a crash and both of us would have been out the windshield in no time.”

According to Evenflo, no injuries have been reported due to the problem. However, it has recalled seats made between December 2014 and January 2016. The company says it discovered the harness issue though customer feedback.

It noted that it’s only a problem when the seat is used as a forward-facing booster seat. However, the company will provide people who already have the seat a new seat pad as well as a front adjuster assembly.

The mother with the high-energy toddler says that she had been complaining to the company for months. She says, “It makes me wonder how many moms called before I did or after I did.”

Too often, defective and dangerous products aren’t recalled until they have caused injury or worse. There have been more than a few safety issues with various brands and models of child car seats. If you don’t believe that a seat is safe for you child, it’s essential to stop using it immediately whether the company acknowledges a problem or not.

Source: KOIN Channel 6, “Boring toddler helps spur Evenflo car seat recall,” Amy Frazier and KOIN 6 News Staff, Feb. 26, 2016

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