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Questions About Alimony? Consult Your Lawyer

The decisions that two people make in their relationship are typically motivated by emotions and shared goals. Throughout the course of any marriage, spouses typically work together to make choices they can both feel good about.

When these relationships end, it can be very difficult for people to adjust to making decisions based on their own individual interests. Some people end up doing things out of spite to punish an ex while others find it incredibly difficult to figure out what they want as an individual.

For instance, if you are getting divorced, you may not be sure what you think about alimony. Some people feel adamant that they need and deserve it because they were mistreated during a marriage or do not have adequate financial resources. Other people feel badly asking for support from an ex, particularly if the split was fairly amicable.

This is why it can be of some relief to know that decision on whether or not alimony will be paid is typically left up to a judge and not the two people splitting up. This decision will be based on several factors, including Florida alimony laws and restrictions.

However, this is not to say that you should just let the courts decide. You can present your case either against or for alimony so that the judge has all the pertinent information before awarding or denying spousal support.

In order to protect your interests, you can work with your lawyer to present your case. The information you provide during this process can have a significant impact on whether alimony will be awarded and how much the payments will be.

It can be very difficult to make decisions that protect your individual rights and are in your own best interests during a divorce. The lawyers at our firm are prepared to help people during this challenging time and can help people assess their options regarding spousal support.

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