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Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is great fun. People all over Florida love to ride in the open air. But there is some danger involved. Florida auto accident lawyers know that over 166,000 Americans are injured in motorcycle accidents every year. Around 5000 of those accidents result in fatalities.

Experienced riders and beginners learn fast to be alert to their surroundings. Motorcycles, despite their reputation, are quite safe when riders keep their minds on the road and on their safety.

Safety Recommendations

  • Protective Clothing and Bright Colors Increase Safety

Visibility to others on the road is crucial. After most motorcycle collisions with cars or trucks, the drivers of the trucks and cars say they did not see the motorcycle. In an accident, motorcycle riders without protective leather clothing and boots suffer worse injuries from skids and broken glass.

  • Wear Head Gear

This is the most important factor in motorcycle safety. A rider must always wear a helmet. Motorcycle accidents frequently result in head and brain injuries. Helmets help prevent these injuries.

Helmets should meet federal standards. Passengers should always wear helmets. If they don’t, the driver can be held liable for the passenger’s injuries.

  • Only Ride When Rested and Sober

Fatigue impairs reflexes and the ability to respond to unexpected events, even for the most experienced rider. Take breaks on long drives. Avoid drugs and alcohol when driving.

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