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Penalties Can Be Serious for Parenting Time Violations

Raising children separately but with another parent can be an enormous challenge. Two parents can clash when it comes to parenting styles, communication and making decisions for the children. Unfortunately, these challenges can be all but unavoidable when parents are no longer together by share custody of their children.

In most cases, parents are able to eventually come to terms with their situation and make the necessary adjustments to just move forward. In other cases, however, parents make the unfortunate decision to violate a parenting plan and end up putting their children and their parental rights in jeopardy.

Violations of a parenting plan range from seemingly minor to obviously serious. There are some parents who repeatedly fail to pick up a child at the appropriate time and their parents who try to leave the country with their kids in an attempt to escape from the other parent. These and all the violations in between can be hurtful to the children and cause an incredible amount of anxiety.

Even if they have good intentions, parents who violate custody agreements are putting their own wants or needs ahead of the child, and this can result in serious penalties. Not only could a parent destroy the relationship he or she has with a child, but a court may also penalize a non-compliant parent with financial penalties or orders to complete parenting classes and/or community service. There may also be a loss of parenting time and criminal penalties stemming from a contempt of court charge.

Rather than take matters into your own hands, parents who disagree with a parenting plan or wish to change it should speak with an lawyer to understand the legal options they have to do so.

If you have questions about sticking to a parenting plan or are fearful of another parent violating a custody arrangement, you can speak with a lawyer familiar with child custody disputes who can explain your options and help you seek a satisfactory resolution.

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