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New Laws For Pet Owners In Broward County

The Broward County Commission recently passed an overhaul of animal care laws, detailing everything from how much exercise your pet should get to how a dog should be tied up in the front yard.

Although the report was over 60 pages long, commissioners do not believe these laws will be strictly enforced, and will only impact animal abusers. However, the laws are now in the books.

Some of the new laws include a requirement that dog tethers be five times longer than the dogs’ bodies, or that dogs not to be tied up unless under supervision of the owner. Other laws include dogs getting an appropriate amount of exercise each day, that dogs and cats known to fight aren’t kept together and that pets are brought in when it’s below 45 degrees or above 85 degrees.

The laws are intended to make it easier to prosecute animal abusers, as state laws are vague when it comes to the issue. However, some of the commissioners worry the new laws might be taken advantage by neighbors in a spat.

The laws come at a time that the county’s animal control division is not overburdened, and the new laws do not provide additional staff or investigators to look for civil violations.

The new laws also focus on guard dogs, animal bites and abandonment of animals.

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Source: Sun Sentinel, “New pet law: Will you be in the doghouse,” Feb. 13, 2013.

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