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National Teen Safe Driving Week

Family members, friends, educators, and policeman who have been affected and seen the horrors of teen driving deaths are helping to spread the word about the potential fatal repercussions of being distracted while driving can cause during this week’s National Teen Safe Driving Week.

For its part, The Florida Highway Patrol has been speaking in classrooms and to parent’s groups through the week. They specifically urge all parents to be aware how their teenagers are getting to and from activities, who’s driving, how responsible the driver is, and whether their teenager adheres to safe driving practices.

In Florida alone – 153 teenagers died and 19,292 more were injured in car crashes last year. Additionally, while teens are only are a small portion of the state’s motorists, teenagers are involved in more than 9 percent of Florida’s collisions and are twice as likely as their parents, and three times as likely as their grandparents, to have a crash. This was the harsh reality that Florida Highway Patrolman delivered to twelve high school assemblies throughout the week in an effort to encourage teenager driver safety by measures such as using a hands free cell phone, using a seat belt every time you’re in a car, not texting while driving, and not being prone to other distractions of the modern age while driving a vehicle.

At Freidin Brown, P.A. we have represented numerous victims and their families when they are injured by an intoxicated driver or a driver who is distracted while talking or texting on a cell phone.

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