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Florida Wrongful Death Case For Slain NSU Professor

Florida wrongful death lawyers file lawsuits on behalf of decedents’ survivors for damages resulting from injuries that caused the decedent’s death. In other words, if someone caused the death of a loved one through negligence or deliberate violence, you can sue that negligent person or entity on behalf of your loved one, and recover compensation for your loss.

That is exactly what has been done by the widow of a Nova Southeastern University professor who was murdered in his home. She has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the alleged killers and against others that she claims were responsible for her husband’s death.

The professor, Joseph Morrissey, was killed in April in Plantation. His wife, Linda Morrissey, filed a civil wrongful death claim Friday in a Broward court. The killers are named defendants, but also the management company and condominium association that she claims were supposed to conduct background checks on the alleged murderers.

The suit says that the Morrisseys owned a townhouse at The Vineyards of Plantation. They rented the townhouse to Randy W. Tundidor, 43. Tundidor and his son Randy H. Tundidor, 21, are accused of Joseph Morrisey’s murder.

Linda Morrisey says in her suit that the management company and condo association should have done background checks on Tundidor Sr. If they had, they would have discovered numerous evictions and a murder-for-hire charge in his past. These would have disqualified him from renting the Morrisseys’ townhouse.

After a dispute about Tundidor Sr.’s failure to pay a security deposit, the Tundidors are accused of stabbing Joseph Morrissey to death and setting the townhouse on fire. Mrs. Morrisey escaped the house with the couple’s 5-year-old son.

Source: Florida Herald “Widow of slain NSU professor files civil suit” July 17, 2010

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