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Huggies Works to Reassure Worried Parents About Its Baby Wipes

Many parents across Florida and the country have had reason to be nervous in recent days as word spread across social media that people were finding small pieces of glass in their Huggies baby wipes. Consumers posted pictures of what appeared to be tiny glass shards they say they found in the wipes. The national media quickly picked up the story.

The company, popular for its diapers, has responded to the complaints. In fact, it has addressed some of the hundreds of individual reports by customers posted on Facebook, which included rashes developing on babies. It has also set up a special page on its website in which it addresses questions about the issue.

The company has not recalled the product, which it contends “is safe, and poses no health risk to babies.” It says that no injuries have been reported. On its website, the company says that it had wipes with what consumers identified as glass independently tested. It says that neither glass nor fiberglass was found.

Huggies says that the culprit is a microfiber called polypropylene used in the manufacturing of the wipes. The statement on the website explains, “In extremely rare occasions, the manufacturing process can cause tiny particles of microfiber to form on the wipe that can be felt, but do not present a safety risk.

It’s important for a company to address issues involving defective products — particularly baby and child products — and acknowledge the concerns of worried parents. It’s also essential that companies work to eliminate the defect, even if no injuries are reported. If it’s not properly addressed and a baby or child is harmed, the parents may well have legal recourse.

Source: WPRI 12 Eyewitness News, “Huggies responds to glass in baby wipes claims,” Courtney Caligiuri, Aug. 24, 2015

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