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How an Lawyer Can Help You Address a Tricky Topic

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and stressful, but ultimately the hard work pays off when the big day comes. However, it is important for people to remember that after the wedding comes a marriage. And despite a couple’s best efforts, unfortunately, the marriage doesn’t always go as planned.

This is why it can be crucial to take some time out of wedding planning and think about planning to protect yourself as an individual with a prenuptial agreement.

Many people shy away from this subject because it can be unpleasant to think about the possibility of a divorce when they are preparing to vow to love someone else forever. But with some guidance and support, it can be possible to address the matter of prenup calmly and rationally.

To begin with, your lawyer can help you understand that a prenup is not an indicator that you or your soon-to-be spouse thinks the marriage will fail. In fact, many couples never need to refer back to a prenup because they never get divorced. It is simply a legal document that protects the individual assets you and your partner are bringing into the marriage and sets some rules for dividing property should there ever be a need to do so.

Your lawyer can also explain to you what a prenup can and cannot do so that you have a better understanding of why this document can be so crucial.

Further, you won’t have to take on the responsibility of questioning certain clauses and asking some difficult questions by yourself if you have an lawyer who can address these matters on your behalf.

You probably aren’t planning your wedding alone; you shouldn’t have to make a contingency plan alone either. The lawyers at our firm have helped people all across Florida navigate this complicated and tricky matter. You can contact us to discuss your concerns, questions and goals so that you can pursue a fair and satisfactory resolution.

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