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Hospital Negligence an Ongoing Problem in Florida and Beyond

Florida medical patients, as well as those in other states, have the right to reasonably assume that medical staff members under whose care they have entrusted themselves will act according to the utmost levels of professionalism and safety regulations at all times. When the patient is an infant, parents might be especially concerned with knowing that their child is being well taken care of in the hospital. When hospital negligence occurs, it can result in tragedy, as it did in a case in another state.

Parents of a 7-month-old infant were left grieving the loss of their child after a tragic error was made by a nurse at the hospital where the child was a patient. A hospital spokesman stated that a nurse had prepared a bag of medication for an adult patient. In the meantime, the baby was also in need of medication, and another nurse entered the area where the first nurse had left the adult medication bag. The nurse tending to the baby thought the medication was for the infant; she took it and administered it to the child.

The baby reportedly went into cardiac arrest moments after the terrible mistake was made by the nurse. Sadly, the resuscitation efforts of medical staff failed to revive the infant. Hospital officials admitted that certain portions of safety protocol involving medication were not followed and that they are making changes to reduce the potential for similar human errors in the future.

If a Florida patient were to experience similar circumstances, he or she would be able to file a legal claim for medical malpractice in a civil court on behalf of his or her child of minor age. If a doctor, nurse, practitioner or other medical professional is deemed liable for negligence, a successfully litigated case could result in a compensatory award being issued to the patient. This could then be used to help alleviate any financial burden that might exist in relation to injuries suffered through hospital negligence or expenses incurred by the family of a deceased patient.

Source: boiseweekly.com, “St. Luke’s: Nurse’s Medication Error Resulted in Child Fatality”, Geroge Prentice, Oct. 3, 2015

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