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Freidin Brown Secures $450,000+ Medical Malpractice Settlement in Foot Amputation Case


Congratulations to attorneys Philip Freidin and Gregory d’Incelli on obtaining a global settlement totaling over $450,000 on behalf of a client who lost his foot due to medical negligence.  This case presented unique and complex obstacles, since the medical care was provided as part of a clinical trial and not in a traditional hospital or office setting.  The medicine involved in this case added additional complications due to the plaintiff’s preexisting health conditions. 

“Defendants will often try to exploit our clients’ preexisting medical conditions to argue they were not at fault for causing the injuries,” said attorney d’Incelli.  “In this case, our strategy was to take fact-intensive depositions and hire an excellent team of experts to refute that argument and make a recovery for our client.  Although our client will never fully heal, this settlement will provide him with vital financial support and much needed closure.”  

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