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Florida Whistleblower FAQ

Answers to Questions You May Have

Q. Why do I need an attorney if I am thinking about a suit under the False Claims Act?

A. Since you are bringing the suit on behalf of the government, the Courts and the government will require that you be represented by an attorney.

Q. Does consulting with an attorney mean that I have to hire that lawyer or file a suit?

A. No. You can and should talk to multiple attorneys. You should feel comfortable with the lawyer and the law firm. And in talking with lawyers you may even decide that being a whistleblower is not for you.

Q. If I decide to go forward as a whistleblower am I protected from retaliation?

A. There are laws against retaliation but this is something you should discuss with your lawyer.

Q. Are my communications with a lawyer – even one I am interviewing – confidential?

A. Yes. And if you are not certain or don’t feel comfortable, have the lawyer confirm this for you.

Q. What should I look for in an attorney?

A. First, it should be someone or a firm that you can trust and have a comfort with. They should have litigation experience which means taking depositions, arguing motions, trying cases. Look at their track record in similar cases, see what they have written, look at what the press says about them. Do they teach continuing legal education classes or at a law school?

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