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Florida Hospital Suspends Elective Heart Surgeries on Children After CNN Investigation

On June 1, 2015 CCN shared an investigative story on the Pediatric Heart Surgery Program of local Florida Hospital, St. Mary’s Medical Center.

In the hospital with a serious heart problem video, CNN reports the mortality rate for babies having heart surgery at St. Mary’s Medical Center was three times the national average from 2011-2013.

More than half the hospitals in the United States do not disclose surgical death rates.

We commend CNN on their investigation. Consequently, on June 7th, the Florida Hospital released a press release stating they were launching a “comprehensive review” of the program involving external experts. Thus, suspending elective heart surgeries on children.

A mistake in the operating room can have serious consequences for a patient and his or her family. Surgical mistakes can result in extended hospital stays, revision surgeries, readmission after going home, infection, additional procedures to correct the mistake and sometimes even death.

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Know Before You Go

Surgical death rates for babies may be kept secret from parents. Parents, is your pediatric heart hospital keeping secrets? Take a look at this chart.

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