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Timesharing & Child Custody

Protecting Your Parental Rights During Child Custody Disputes

Timesharing/Child Custody

When your relationship with your children is at risk, you need an experienced litigator who understands the law and knows how to make the system work for you.

In addition to being a lawyer, Mr. Brown was Administrative Judge for the Family Division of Miami-Dade County Circuit Court for eight (8) years and was also the former Chief Judge of Eleventh Judicial Circuit from 2009 through 2013. He has an intimate understanding of Florida’s family law court system, its judges and its laws.

Helping Parents Protect Their Rights

Parents throughout the South Florida area turn to lawyer Joel Brown to protect their parental rights during custody disputes. As a former judge who presided over custody proceedings and a family law lawyer, Mr. Brown has been involved in every aspect of custody and time-sharing litigation.

Mr. Brown has experience both litigating custody and visitation, and negotiating parenting plans involving:

  • Specific or flexible time-sharing
  • Shared or sole parental responsibility
  • Liberal contact or supervised visitation
  • Arrangements that include limited involvement by one parent

Strong, Effective Advocacy During Custody Litigation

Custody disputes always have the potential to become heated. When issues surrounding the mental health of the parents and/or children, alcohol and/or substance abuse, domestic violence, parental alienation, unusual or erratic job requirements and other significant concerns arise, disputes can quickly escalate.

Mr. Brown is recognized as an effective courtroom advocate. He is a Florida Bar board-certified civil trial lawyer— a designation earned by only 1 percent of Florida lawyers. He knows the law, the family court system and builds strong legal strategies that protect his clients’ parental rights.

Contact Lawyer Joel Brown

For effective, strong advocacy during child custody disputes, contact Freidin Brown, P.A.

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