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Jurisdictional Issues

Jurisdictional Issues During Divorce And Custody Disputes

Jurisdictional Issues

Jurisdictional issues during a divorce, custody, relocation or other family law matter are highly technical in nature. Having an lawyer with an intimate understanding of the law, its nuances and the court systems is key.

For help with jurisdictional issues, contact the Miami-based law firm of Freidin Brown, P.A.

Jurisdiction and Family Law

Many people relocate to the Miami area to take advantage of Florida’s family laws. However, strict legal guidelines govern jurisdiction. Unless you have lived in the state for six months, Florida laws will not govern your case.

Even if one spouse has resided in Florida for more than six months, other jurisdictional issues can further complicate the divorce process:

  • Child custody and child support — Florida courts cannot make custody or child support determinations unless minor children have lived in the state for at least six months.

  • Property division — Properties that are located in Florida may be divided under Florida’s equitable distribution laws. However, assets located outside the state may not be under Florida jurisdiction.

  • Alimony — If the other spouse has never lived in Florida, the court may be unable to issue spousal support orders.

Modifying custody, child support and alimony orders made by other courts also presents jurisdictional issues.

Hire a Skilled Lawyer And Former Administrative Family Law Judge

Joel Brown is a skilled lawyer as well as the former administrative family law judge. His experience behind the bench as a judge and as a legal advocate provided him with great insight into jurisdictional issues. He knows the law and builds strong legal claims that provide clients with the best results possible.

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