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High Net Worth Divorce

High Net Worth Divorce

Contact an Experienced Lawyer During High Net Worth Divorce

During a divorce, sensitive financial, tax and personal information are closely examined. When marital estates contain high-value assets, this scrutiny becomes even more intense.

At Freidin Brown, P.A., lawyer Joel Brown understands the special personal, business and financial considerations involved in high-asset divorce.

Protect Your Financial Interests During Divorce

Joel Brown’s practice is focused solely on representing clients with substantial assets, including:

  • Closely held businesses, including professional associations and partnerships
  • Complex compensation packages, including stock option and profit-sharing arrangements
  • Sophisticated investment portfolios
  • Investment and income-producing properties
  • Family legacy properties
  • Trusts

Mr. Brown has not only represented clients during family law disputes, he was also Administrative Judge for the Family Division of Miami-Dade County Circuit Court for eight (8) years and the former Chief Judge of Eleventh Judicial Circuit from 2009 through 2013. He has seen, firsthand, the numerous issues involved in high-asset divorce. His experiences as a lawyer and behind the bench have given him great insight. He knows how legal claims are evaluated and which strategies get results.

Financial Knowledge + Legal Acumen

Couples who own high-worth assets, businesses or sophisticated investment properties require additional guidance during divorce. Lawyer Joel Brown also holds a degree in accounting. His financial background plays a large role when advising clients during divorce. By considering all of the financial impacts of divorce — including asset valuation, tax consequences, spousal support and cash flow issues — he is able to create strategies that enable clients to leave their marriages in the most financially secure manner possible.

For assistance with your complex divorce or marital dissolution, contact our firm today.

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