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Distracted Driving: GM Plans To Install 4G WiFi In New Cars

In a move that is surprising some safety experts, leading car-maker GM announced that it will start equipping its vehicles with 4G LTE service through AT&T. The fast connection will apparently bring dramatically better Internet service to built-in features like in-dash navigation. It will also serve as a mobile wi-fi hotspot – creating even more temptation for distracted driving.

Observers are concerned about this plan for two reasons. First, the obvious risk is that it will make American drivers even more likely to try to multitask with a mobile device. Faster Internet speeds might give some drivers a false sense of security – after all, “it will only take a moment to check the weather on my phone.”

Second, contrary to some understandings, distracted driving is not limited to mobile devices. Many drivers cause dangerous wrecks because they were trying to multitask with in-dash GPS systems, built-in music interfaces that require menu navigation or more complicated instrument panels. All of these advanced dashboard features have already attracted criticism from government regulators precisely because they pose a big risk to motorists.

With faster access, more drivers will likely try to use these systems on the road – unnecessarily endangering their passengers and other motorists. If a distracted driver injured you in a motor vehicle accident, you are likely entitled to compensation because of the other driver’s risky disregard for your safety. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help.

Source: Christian Science Monitor, “Wi-Fi in your car? Coming to GM in 2014,” Richard Read, Feb. 26, 2013

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