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Dangerous Roadways & Highway Accidents

Miami Car Accident Attorneys

It isn't always another driver who causes a car accident. Sometimes, the road itself can be a factor in a serious car crash. For example, if a road was poorly graded so water does not drain away, a preventable accident could occur in wet weather. If a construction zone is not clearly marked, preventable car crash injuries could occur if a driver doesn't see signs of the construction.

If you suspect that the condition of the roadway is partly or completely responsible for your car crash injuries, contact our Miami auto accident lawyers at Freidin Brown, P.A. We are a South Florida personal injury law firm with offices in Miami and Fort Myers. Clients of our law firm get the benefit of legal representation - not just from one lawyer - but from our entire team of experienced and successful personal injury attorneys.

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Who Is Responsible for Dangerous Roads & Highways?

When we work on accident cases where the car crash injuries appear to have been caused by a dangerous road, we must frequently work with accident reconstruction experts and transportation engineers to determine exactly what condition caused the accident. Once we determine the cause, we can make an argument to the government agency or construction company responsible for allowing the condition to exist.

Common, and preventable, hazards on Florida's roads include:

  • Failure to repair after a storm washes out the road
  • Malfunctioning traffic signals
  • Improper design or maintenance of a road or highway
  • Inadequate or lacking signs indicating a construction zone or traffic rules
  • Inadequate lighting for road conditions
  • Poorly placed trees and utility poles that obscure proper visibility

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Just because another driver did not cause your car crash injuries does not mean the crash was truly an "accident" with no responsible party. Get legal advice from a law firm with the resources to investigate all possible causes of serious car accidents, including the roads themselves.

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