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Burned in Car Accident – What Are the Issues for Burn Injuries?

A student from FAU was recently in a terrible car accident. He ran over some debris on Interstate 95 and broke down. Then a car rammed into his SUV, and the SUV caught fire. Now he’s lying in a coma with burns over 50 of his body.

People who stopped to help on the road said that the victim, Frantzdy Cherisma, 26, had had his clothes melted to his skin.

His father, Celius Cherisma, has cut his working hours to be by his son’s hospital bed as much as possible. At the same time, medical bills are arriving that he does not know how he will pay. Frantzdy has no medical insurance.

Frantzdy Cherisma, will face many issues recovering from burns. Florida auto accident lawyers know that severe burn injuries involve:

  • Months or years for skin to heal. The body will begin the first stage of healing burns within a week, the second phase, when the body makes scars, is also a matter of weeks. But the final phase, in which scar tissue matures, can take months or years.

  • Loss of the ability to sweat. With deep burns, sweat glands are destroyed and are not regenerated in new skin.

  • Need for skin lotion. Glands in the skin produce oil to moisten skin. Severe burns destroy these glands, so skin must be lotioned to avoid drying out.

  • Color changes in skin. Burns can destroy pigment in the skin. Also, skin grafts may not be available from parts of the body with good color matches.

  • Changes in strength of skin. Healed scars are about 20 weaker than the skin they replace.

  • Changes in sensation. For deep burns, there is decreased sensation of hot and cold, sharp or dull, and light touch.

  • Pain.

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