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  • Fatal California Bus Crash Possibly Linked To FedEx Cargo

    Last week, 10 people were killed in Orland, California when a FedEx truck crashed into a bus full of high school students. Investigators are looking into eye witness accounts that the FedEx truck was already engulfed in flames prior to hitting the bus with 44 students on board. The truck hit another vehicle before crashing into the charter bus. A spokeswoman for the California Highway Patrol could ...
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  • South Florida Driver Killed In Accident With 18-Wheeler

    A driver was killed early Thursday morning after a truck collided with a tractor trailer in Pembroke Pines. Around 5:30am on June 20, a box truck rear-ended an 18-wheeler in the area of U.S. 27 and Johnson Street. The Jaws of Life had to be used to free the driver of the box truck, who was then rushed to Memorial Region Medical Center in critical condition. The 29-year-old driver later died from ...
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  • Deadly Truck Accident In Broward County

    A truck hit the barrier wall on Interstate-95, causing the truck to dangle over the overpass, killing the passenger. The accident took place early Wednesday morning as a bakery truck was on its way to make a delivery. Fire rescue arrived on the scene, as both the passenger and driver were trapped inside the truck. The driver, Buenaventura Fernandez Jr., was taken to Broward Health Medical Center ...
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  • Unsecured Truck Load Results In Multi-Car Crash On I-95

    A truck bed filled with gravel spilled out onto I-95 northbound, clogging traffic for hours heading into the extended New Year's Eve weekend. The Florida Highway Patrol reported that three additional vehicles were involved in the mess created by the Miami truck accident and the unsecured truck load. Two cars suffered a rollover accident and one crashed in the aftermath of the gravel spill. The ...
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  • Fatal Truck Accident On Okeechobee Road

    An accident involving two 18-wheelers on Tuesday killed one person, and sent two others to the hospital. The accident took place on Okeechobee Road when a truck collided with the rear end of another truck. One truck was engulfed in flames, and the driver ended up in the canal where he drowned. It is unknown if he was ejected or trying to escape the fire. The crash also resulted in 37,000 pounds of ...
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  • Hotspots For Truck Rollover Accidents In South Florida

    New construction on the Florida Turnpike and I-595 is geared toward reducing the number of truck accidents on South Florida roads . Because of this effort and other programs to promote truck safety in Florida, the overall number of truck rollover accidents has dropped from 708 in 2005 to 296 in 2009, the most recent year for which statistics are available. As part of this effort to improve Florida ...
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  • NHTSA Wants All Trucks To Have Electronic Stability Controls

    Research completed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) confirmed that electronic stability control (ESC) systems can help prevent fatal truck rollover accidents and limit the number of truck crashes caused by a driver's loss of control. The NHTSA estimates that equipping commercial trucks with ESC systems could save more than 50 lives each year, prevent nearly 700 ...
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  • Flatbed Truck Runs Over, Kills Two Florida Pedestrians

    Two women traveling on a Florida sidewalk were mowed down by a flatbed truck when it cut across oncoming traffic, jumped the curb and hit the two pedestrians. Initial reports reveal that both victims were drug about 100 feet across a motel parking lot before the truck hit a fence and came to a stop, just before plunging into the motel pool. The truck driver was taken to the hospital with minor ...
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  • Commercial Truck Crash Causes Death in Florida

    U.S. Highway 301 in Florida was closed early in the day on January 5, 2012, after a fatal truck accident . The driver of a pickup truck was killed and three of his passengers were seriously injured in the crash. The crash occurred when the driver tried to make a U-Turn and was hit by a cement truck that was trailing close behind. The driver's side of the pickup was hit by the front of the cement ...
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  • Passenger Vehicle Collision with Semi Truck Kills Two Naples Women

    A tragic car crash involving the lead car of a caravan along State Road 64 killed two Naples women. The fatal Florida truck accident was caused by a semi truck that crossed the center line, according to Florida Highway Patrol (FHP). FHP reports show that a two car caravan was traveling along State Route 64 near Solfo Springs when a truck driver crossed the center line. Two women in a Toyota sedan ...
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  • Truck Driver Obesity Puts Other Drivers At Risk

    A recent report from the New York Times highlighted the growing trend of obese truck drivers. Eighty-six percent of truck drivers are overweight or obese, according to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Obesity puts drivers at a greater risk for a sudden health event such as a heart attack or a stroke that can cause fatal car and truck accidents . The growing concern for the health ...
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