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  • Dangers of Liquid Nicotine for E-Cigarettes

    Nicotine in its potent, liquid form is the key ingredient in electronic cigarettes , and like e-cigarettes, e-liquids are not regulated by federal authorities. The liquid nicotine, mixed with flavoring, colorings and assorted chemicals, is a powerful neurotoxin, and tiny amounts whether ingested or absorbed through the skin can cause vomiting and seizures and even be lethal. Toxicologists are ...
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  • $27 Million Tobacco Judgment Upheld In Florida Court

    The First District Court of Appeal upheld a $27 million judgment for a North Florida cigarette smoker, in a product liability case against R. J. Reynolds Tobacco. Emmon Smith died at 870 shortly after his trial ended in March 2012, and he was awarded $7 million in compensatory damages and $20 million in punitive damages. In 1992, he had a lung removed because of cancer. Stuart Ratzan of Ratzan Law ...
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  • Liggett To Pay $110M Settlement To Florida Smokers

    The parent company of cigarette maker Liggett Group has agreed to pay more than 4,900 Florida smokers a total of $100 million to resolve individual lawsuits filed after a state-wide class action was disbanded. The Miami-based parent company, Vector Group, agreed to pay $61 million in a lump sum, and $49 million over 15 years to resolve most of the cases. The proposed settlement would be final in ...
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  • Tobacco Trial: Family Wins $37.5 Million

    The family of a mom who died at 38 from smoking-related cancer was awarded 37.5 million by a Fort Lauderdale jury. The mother of two, Laura Grossman was 36 when she was diagnosed with cancer. According to her pain management doctor, she made one of the most valiant struggles to live that she had ever seen. The defendant R.J. Reynolds was held 75 percent accountable on a $15 million compensatory ...
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  • Massachusetts Ruling Could Lead To More Tobacco Suits

    A Massachusetts court has ruled that cigarettes' addictive qualities do not give tobacco companies protection from product liability claims. This ruling comes after the state affirmed a $35 million award to Willie Evans, whose mother died at the age of 54 from lung cancer caused by smoking Newport cigarettes. The result of the ruling is that all cigarettes in the state could be declared defective, ...
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  • Smoker's Widow Awarded $1.2 Million In Palm Beach County

    A Palm Beach County jury awarded widower David Cohen a $1.2 million for the death of his wife from smoking cigarettes . After deliberating for five hours, the jurors ordered three of the nation's biggest cigarette makers to pay the 91-year-old Cohen for enduring his wife's slow descent from emphysema in the 1990s to her death in 2006. Helen Cohen, who was 81 at the time of her death, was held 40 ...
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  • Freidin Brown: $3.48M Verdict In Smoker Case

    Phil Freidin of the Firm, along with co-counsel Alex Alvarez, obtained a $6 million verdict against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company on March 20, 2013 after a week and half trial before Judge Tuter in Broward County. The Decedent, Phil Marotta, began smoking at age 12 in 1959 and smoked 2-3 packs of cigarettes per day for approximately 34 years. Mr. Marotta was diagnosed with lung cancer at age 46 ...
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  • Tobacco Companies Ordered To Admit Deception About Smoking

    On Tuesday, a federal judge ordered tobacco companies to admit publicly that they lied to the American people about the dangers and addictiveness of smoking. Judge Gladys Kessler ordered the tobacco industry to release these statements in the form of advertisements and package labels. This ruling stems from a case that began in 1999, and found that tobacco companies were concealing the dangers of ...
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