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  • Jury Determines That Surgical Errors Caused Woman's Symptoms

    In Florida and all other states, a person who entrusts him or herself to the care of medical professionals for the purpose of undergoing a surgical procedure has the right to expect that the utmost attention will be given to professionalism and adherence to safety standards. There have been incidents, however, in which surgical errors have led to severe injuries or serious illnesses for patients. ...
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  • Will Cameras in Florida Operating Rooms Prevent Surgical Errors?

    A growing number of people are expressing their support of a new idea concerning operating rooms across the nation. If the ideas lead to procedural changes, there might someday be video cameras in hospital surgical suites in Florida and elsewhere. Some who have suffered the untimely deaths of a loved one due to surgical errors stated that their tragedies might have been avoided if the surgeries of ...
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  • Many Surgical Errors in Florida and Beyond Are Preventable

    A doctor at a leading hospital recently stated that in light of the standardized and specific procedures that are in place to guide surgeons through elective surgeries, mistakes should be very rare. Many studies suggest that surgical errors are often preventable and occur due to negligence on the part of a doctor, nurse or other medical staff member. Florida patients might wish to take note of a ...
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  • Woman Claims Permanent Arm Injury Caused by Surgical Errors

    In April, a case was filed in a Court outside Florida, claiming that a doctor's error caused permanent damage to a woman's arm. Surgical errors are sometimes alleged in medical malpractice cases. The woman in this particular case says that her arm has been permanently damaged and that she believes the doctor is liable for those injuries. The woman is reportedly diabetic and also suffers from high ...
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  • Surgical Errors Continue to Occur in Florida and Other States

    A recent medical review stated that, although rare, medical mistakes can and do occur in hospitals throughout the United States. Surgical errors in Florida and elsewhere continue to plague some patients who have placed themselves under the care of medical professionals for necessary or elective surgeries. A recent article listed some of the most common mistakes made by surgeons. According to ...
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  • Alleged Surgical Errors Result in Florida Medical Malpractice

    Florida parents have the right to reasonably assume that their children's safety will be protected when undergoing care at a dentist's office. A recent case involves more than 60 former patients who have alleged that the surgical errors of one dentist were intentional. The accusations were brought to light when the mother of a 2-year-old felt that something was not right with regard to the ...
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  • Why Job Burnout Among Healthcare Professionals Is a Danger to Us All

    Regardless of one's profession or job title, it's normal to have an off day or to experience periods where it's difficult to concentrate and accomplish work-related tasks. However, in cases where an employee's work productivity is severely impeded and he or she experiences feelings of deep dissatisfaction, a more serious underlying issue may be to blame. The Mayo Clinic defines job burnout as "a ...
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  • Every Surgical Procedure Has Inherent Risks

    Anyone who has ever undergone a medical procedure or who has had a loved one operated on, understands the feelings of fear and powerlessness that often accompany the process. Surgical procedures are common with some surgeons performing several per day. However, regardless of how big or small the procedure, there are numerous risks involved and always the chance that something could go wrong. When ...
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  • Anesthesia Negligence Can Greatly Harm Surgical Patients

    Generally, a surgery will involve a great many different steps, processes and elements. Mistakes by medical professionals or complications when it comes to any of these steps/processes/elements could result in problems arising during the surgery which could cause physical harm to the patient. Given the fact that harmful problems during a surgery can be caused by a great many different things, it ...
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  • How Ego and Fear Negatively Impact Patient Safety

    In every profession, there is a hierarchy and certain unwritten rules of conduct and which are widely practiced and followed. In many cases, the more education, skills and experience necessary; the more likely those in positions of power are to abuse their power. When it comes to the health care industry, such abuses of power and inflated egos can come at a cost to patients' safety. The results of ...
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  • The Sobering Realities of Medical Errors

    The findings of a study about medical errors that was published in the September 2013 issue of the Journal of Patient Safety, was cause for major concern among many Americans. In the study, researchers from Patient Safety America reported that medical errors contribute to the deaths of more than 400,000 people in the U.S. every year. One mother's tragic story of how she lost her nine-year-old ...
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  • When technology is the cause of medical errors

    Today's workplaces are growing increasingly reliant upon technologies and devices that aim to streamline and standardize processes. While technological advances are necessary and frequently credited with increasing productivity and reducing human errors, at times these technologies pose safety hazards. In a healthcare setting the stakes are incredibly high and, regardless of how seemingly minor, ...
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  • When a child's birth is marred by a medical mistake

    For expectant parents, the birth of a child is a long-awaited and anticipated event the culmination of which is meant to be a joyous and celebratory occasion. However, not all birth stories turn out this way. From medical mistakes made during pregnancy to those that may occur during or immediately following a baby's delivery; permanent physical and cognitive injuries may result that are ...
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