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  • Steroid Injections Prove Ineffective For Back Pain

    A new study has found that spinal injections to treat pinched nerves or other forms of back pain may cause more harm than good. According to the study published in the journal Spine, researchers found significantly less improvement among those receiving spinal injections, compared to those who did not. The study looked at 69 patients who had spinal injections and 207 patients who did not over four ...
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  • Risks Linked To Spinal Injections Prior To Meningitis Outbreak

    Since the outbreak of meningitis, there have been 19 reported deaths, and over 200 cases linked to contaminated spinal steroid injections. However, spinal injections have been linked to severe complications, such as nerve damage, paralysis and stroke, prior to the outbreak. From 2000 to 2010, Medicare records show an increase of nearly 160 percent in the number of injections, despite the ...
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  • Overseas stem cell treatments present benefits and risks

    American doctors admit that stem cell treatments and other regenerative medicine may have a lot of potential to treat a variety of ailments and injuries. Stem cells contain a regenerative quality that can help form new tissue, but there are still a lot of questions about how and when to use them. While American doctors and researchers are hesitant to recommend treatments that are still ...
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  • Nova Southeastern helps patients with spinal cord injuries

    Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida, is revolutionizing treatment for people living with spinal cord injuries . The university has given out eight Apple iPads to current patients with spinal cord injuries and plans to give out 12 more to others in Broward County. Researchers with the university's department of occupational therapy were recently given money from the Christopher and Dana ...
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  • Florida girl's progress with one-year-old spinal cord injury

    Approximately one year ago, a Florida girl fell from the top of the Terminal Velocity water ride at Extreme World in Wisconsin Dells. The girl's 100-foot fall left her with a stretched spinal cord and other serious injuries. Now, the 13-year-old girl has shown tremendous improvement. The girl's mother is shocked with just how much her daughter can do after such a traumatic fall. She said that she ...
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  • Research on Spinal Cord Injuries Shows Promise

    Victims of severe spinal cord injuries, whether the cause of the injury was negligence or accident, almost always suffer partial or total paralysis. Researchers have been looking at ways to stimulate muscles with electricity for some time. The hope is that at some point muscle stimulation could be coordinated in a way sophisticated enough to allow paralyzed people to stand and even walk. ...
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  • Buoniconti May Have Spinal Cord Injury Cure Breakthrough

    Marc Buoniconti, the son of former Miami Dolphins Hall-of-Famer Nick Buoniconti, was playing in a college football game for The Citadel when he suffered an injury that paralyzed him from the neck down. That was twenty-five years ago. That day ended Marc Buoniconti's football career, but Miami spinal cord injury attorneys are saying it may also mark the beginning of a research project that could ...
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  • Spinal Cord Injury Research Making Breakthroughs

    Miami personal injury attorneys and spinal cord injury lawyers are aware that new research in spinal cord injuries is making some headway at helping more people achieve more recovery from these devastating injuries. Spinal cord injuries frequently take away basic abilities from people who are in the prime of life. Most of the time, spinal cord injuries do not completely sever the spinal cord. ...
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