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  • The Issue of Holding Schools Liable for Injuries to Students

    In the aftermath of the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, our firm has received inquiries into the obligations and duties of schools and educators to safeguard children, and whether schools even have a duty to students. The answer is yes: Florida law imposes a duty on schools to take reasonable steps to protect the safety of students and a negligent ...
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  • Pedestrian Bridge Collapse in Miami Kills at Least One Person

    Officials report that at least one person was killed after a pedestrian bridge collapsed on Florida International University on March 15. "There are eight vehicles that are trapped underneath as far as we know and we are going to try and get to them as quickly as we can,” said Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez on Wednesday. The bridge cost approximately $14.2 million to build, and was constructed ...
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  • Florida Supreme Court Strikes Medical Malpractice Damages Caps for Pain and Suffering

    The Florida Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the cap on noneconomic damages in medical malpractice injury cases are unconstitutional. In a tough 4-3 decision justices said caps negatively affect those seriously injured due to medical negligence. As there is no evidence of a current medical malpractice insurance crisis, these caps no longer serve any purpose. This historic Supreme Court ruling ...
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  • Football, Helmets, and Brain Injuries: Can I Sue?

    Just this past Sunday, Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore took a vicious hit to the head during the second quarter of the team’s Wild Card loss to Pittsburgh when Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree’s helmet went right into Moore’s chin, leaving him dazed on the field for several minutes. While Moore was eventually able to finish the game, the hit has since sparked a discussion regarding the ...
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  • Oakland Warehouse Fire May Have Been Caused by Lack of Safety Standards and Codes

    On Friday, December 2, at about 11:32 PM, a fire broke out in an Oakland warehouse commonly referred to as the “Ghost Ship,” a residential building that hosted dance parties like the one that took place on the evening of the fire. Reports state that 33 bodies have been recovered, making this incident possibly the deadliest in Oakland. Sergeant Ray Kelly of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office ...
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  • Surviving the "100 Deadliest Days" on the Road

    With Labor Day just around the corner, many people are squeezing in the last of their summer vacations. This means there are more recreational drivers on the road, including people who are traveling to visit friends and family, people who are heading to the beach, and others traveling to various seasonal locations. As a result, there is a greater risk for vehicle collisions . In fact, sources ...
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  • Summer Safety: Dog Bite Awareness

    There are over 83 million dogs in the U.S. that are kept by 56.7 million households. With the kids home from school for the summer, now is a good time to remind parents to keep an eye on the youngsters when dogs are present. When dogs are around that you don’t know very well, it’s always safe to only touch them cautiously, to never rough-house with an unfamiliar animal, and to check with the owner ...
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  • Firework Safety Tips for a Safe Independence Day

    With Independence Day only a few days away, most people are planning to have a holiday evening filled with food, drinks, fun, friends, and, of course, fireworks! While these light shows can be extremely fun to watch, using such devices can create dangerous situations if individuals are not safe. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that every day in the month surrounding ...
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  • Miami Hospitals Have Higher C-Section Rate for First-Time Moms

    A study by Consumer Reports reveals that first-time mothers in Miami are more likely to deliver a baby via C-section than anywhere else in the country. The study looked at more than 1,200 hospitals around the United States and found that Florida hospitals, particularly in Miami-Dade County, have the nation’s highest rate of C-section births among those with low-risk pregnancies who were least ...
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  • Racing Crash Injures Spectators; Casts Light on Fan Safety

    At Sunday's IndyCar Grand Prix of Houston, 13 spectators were injured when two cars bumped in the final lap of the race sending one sailing into a protective fence. The other car spun out, shearing off part of its side, sending debris toward the grandstands. One of the drivers, three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Dario Franchitti, suffered spinal and ankle injuries and was hospitalized. This crash ...
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  • Connecticut Amusement Park Ride Fails, Injuring 12 Children

    An amusement park ride at Nowalk's Oyster Fair in Connecticut broke down this weekend, sending 13 people to hospitals . One adult was among the 12 children that suffered injuries, including five people who refused treatment at the scene. The rotating, swing-type ride called Zumur lifts riders up and away as it spins. A mechanical failure caused the ride to suddenly stop, and those on board ...
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  • Tubing Tragedy Claims Life Of Young Florida Boy

    Three people tubing on Lake Lulu were seriously injured when the driver took a right turn too close to shore, putting the tube on a collision course with a nearby dock. A 31-year-old man is in critical condition after the tubing accident; the collision resulted in fatal injuries for a 10-year-old boy. The third passenger, a 9-year-old boy, is in stable condition but remains hospitalized. Boating ...
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  • Four Workers Critically Injured In Florida Propane Explosion

    Twenty-pound canisters of propane exploded over the course of about 30 minutes earlier this week at a Blue Rhino plant in central Florida. At least eight workers reported injuries as a result of the explosions and subsequent fires; four were considered critically injured. The critical injuries included severe burns . At least one witness noted that the skin appeared to falling off four seriously ...
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  • Spanish Passenger Train Derails, Killing 80 People

    A passenger train bound for Santiago de Compostela, Spain bounced against a curved wall and raced off the track, killing 80 on board. One of Europe's worst rail accidents in recent years, footage from a security camera show the train speeding, linked with the driver who boasted on his Facebook about breaking speed records. Emergency workers were still picking through debris Thursday. The driver, ...
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  • Teen Tourists Latest Victims Of Dangerous Florida Parasailing

    Two teen girls vacationing in Florida from Indiana suffered serious injuries after the parasail they were riding in, run by Aquatic Adventures in Panama City Beach, broke free from its tow boat. Wind gusts propelled the parachute - while still carrying the two girls - into the Commodore hotel before dropping into a parking lot full of cars. Both girls are in critical condition after the accident ...
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  • Leaky Gas Tank Caused Brick Oven To Explode During 4th BBQ

    A backyard barbeque brought in some unintended guests when emergency personnel responded to a small explosion and patio fire at a home in Hialeah Gardens. Four men were airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center after a custom-built brick oven exploded during the 4 th of July celebration. Only one man was reported to be in critical condition after the accident , likely suffering burns and other injuries ...
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  • Fireworks Safety Can Avoid Serious Injuries This 4th Of July

    What's the 4 th of July without a fireworks display? A little bit safer holiday is the easy answer. Whether you purchase fireworks, enjoy a neighborhood display or attend any of the events put on by communities throughout South Florida, don't forget that what you're really doing when playing with fireworks is playing with fire . Already this Independence Day season, a 41-year-old man from Pompano ...
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  • Young Florida Amputee Will Walk, Ride A Bike, Can Do Anything

    A Florida toddler who suffered a tragic and serious personal injury when her feet were cut off by a riding lawnmower driven by her father regained the ability to one day walk again on her own. The two-year-old was fitted with prosthetic legs sporting a Dora the Explorer theme yesterday, along with pink sneakers and a Superman Cape. The Palm Harbor tot took to her legs seamlessly according to ...
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  • Deck Collapses at Shuckers Waterfront Grill, Dozens Injured

    As Miami Heat fans watched the game Thursday night, the patio deck at Shuckers Waterfront Grill collapsed into Biscayne Bay, with dozens of patrons crashing into the water. Police arrived at Shuckers, located at North Bay Village, around 9:45pm after the deck collapsed with approximately 100 people on the waterfront patio deck. As many as two dozen people are reporting injuries. By midnight ...
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  • Disney World Safety A Question For Visiting Guests?

    Within a week, a dry ice pipe bomb went off at Disneyland and a woman and her grandson on the Dinosaur ride at Disney World found a loaded gun on their seat. With summer just around the corner, you may be right to question your safety at the self-acclaimed "Happiest Place On Earth," that Disney has branded itself as. In Florida, property owners including amusement parks and theme parks like ...
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  • Summer Amusement Park Injuries Hospitalize A Child Every Three Days

    Summer months are the most dangerous times for children at amusement parks, like Disney World or Universal Studios, across the country. Between May and September, a child is seriously injured and must be admitted to a hospital for treatment every three days because of a serious injury that occurred on a theme park ride according to a study recently published in Clinical Pediatrics. Over a 10-year ...
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  • The Dangers of the Cinnamon Challenge

    There are thousands of videos on YouTube of teenagers coughing and choking after attempting to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon in 60 seconds without drinking water. While some teenagers might think it is funny and harmless, there are health risks associated with the cinnamon challenge. A report in the journal Pediatrics found that the challenge has led to a growing number of calls to poison control ...
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  • Leading Cause of Intestinal Disorders In Kids Linked To Norovirus

    A new study by the Centers for Disease Control shows norovirus sent nearly 1 million kids under the age of five were sent to a doctor or hospital in 2009 and 2010 Norovirus, also known as a stomach flu or food poisoning, inflames the lining of the stomach and intestines. Symptoms of the norovirus include severe vomiting and diarrhea. Every year, the infection causes 21 million cases of illness, ...
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  • Fans Injured By Racecar Crash In Daytona

    A racecar crashed into a fence on the eve of the Daytona 500, sending a tire and debris into the crowd and injuring 33 fans. The accident took place during the last lap of the Nationwide Series prior to the Daytona 500. The crash occurred when the leader, Regan Smith attempted to block Brad Keselowski to secure a win, causing another driver, rookie Kyle Larson, to go airborne into the fence. The ...
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  • Electric Cars Pose Some Unique Dangers

    For all of the benefits of rapidly improving electric car technology, these new vehicles come with some unexpected dangers. Two stories are attracting national attention this week, indicating that car makers have more work to do on their electric vehicles fleets. The first problem is one that many readers have likely witnessed: electric cars run so quietly at low speeds that it can be difficult to ...
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