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  • Football, Helmets, and Brain Injuries: Can I Sue?

    Just this past Sunday, Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore took a vicious hit to the head during the second quarter of the team’s Wild Card loss to Pittsburgh when Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree’s helmet went right into Moore’s chin, leaving him dazed on the field for several minutes. While Moore was eventually able to finish the game, the hit has since sparked a discussion regarding the ...
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  • What Drug Advertisements Aren't Telling Us

    These days, there is a drug for everything. You can’t even turn on your TV without seeing a commercial for a new drug. That is because the pharmaceutical industry spends billions of dollars in direct-to-consumer advertising to get your attention and sell you on everything from antidepressants to diabetes drugs. Drug manufacturers claim that the purpose of this advertising is to educate the public ...
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  • Recalled Car Seats Allow Children to Unbuckle Them

    The mother of a fidgety toddler says that she notified Evenflo of a serious safety issue with its Transitions Three-in-One Combination Booster Seat and wonders how many other parents did as well before the company took action to recall more than 56,000 seats. The problem is that children may be able to reach the adjuster button, loosen the internal harness of the seat and climb out of it. The ...
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  • Subaru Recalls SUVs Because Hoods Could Open on Their Own

    One lawsuit against Subaru last year led to an investigation by the automaker and finally to a recall announced late last month. The plaintiff in the suit claimed that the hood on a 2006 Tribeca SUV opened on its own while the vehicle was moving. According to Subaru, the culprit is that a build-up of grease and rust can cause the hood lock or safety systems' springs to fail and the hood to pop ...
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  • How Is a Recall Different from a Market Withdrawal?

    It seems like Floridians hear about recalls constantly on products from food to toys to cars and more. Sometimes, however, when a product is taken off the shelves by a manufacturer, it's called a "market withdrawal." What's the difference? An interesting case took place just last month when Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc. removed some of its packaged salads and greens due to possible Listeria ...
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  • Would You Buy a Self-Pushing Stroller?

    For people who like to take their baby out for a walk but don't want the hassle of having to hold onto the stroller, there may be a new product on the market within the next year to solve that dilemma. It's a self-pushing stroller. The entrepreneurs who came up with the idea of this "intelligent" stroller (called the Smartbe) are still trying to raise the funds to move forward with it. They are ...
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  • What Foods Are Most Likely to Cause Food Poisoning?

    It may seem like as consumers, there's little if anything we can do to avoid getting one of the nasty and sometimes potentially dangerous foodborne illnesses like E. coli ir salmonella. However, some types of food have a greater chance of causing illness than others. One noted food safety attorney who has represented plaintiffs in food poisoning cases against restaurants and food manufacturers ...
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  • Recalled Disney Onesies Could Present a Choking Hazard

    No one has ever accused the folks at Disney of missing an opportunity for product tie-ins with its films and characters. With its $4 billion acquisition of Lucasfilm back in 2012 and with it the "Star Wars" franchise, those opportunities have increased exponentially. This extends to future Disney fans still in diapers. Unfortunately, the company has had to recall approximately 10,000 onesies ...
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  • Are Your Children's Toys Harming Their Hearing?

    Many Floridians have by now heard their share of noisy toys being played with non-stop in the days following Christmas. If it seems like toys are louder than they used to be, that's because many are. The noise level of some can be dangerous to children's hearing. According to one hearing expert, noise is the leading cause of hearing loss in children. Further, the number of children under 12 ...
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  • Chipotle Hit with Lawsuit Involving Norovirus Outbreak

    The Chipotle food contamination saga is likely far from over. Even though the company has just announced changes to its food preparation and cooking methods, the various cases of contamination that began this summer have left in their wake numerous people throughout the country who became victims of foodborne illnesses tied to its food. The problems first started getting media attention in October ...
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  • How Can You Help Ensure That Your Used Car Is Safe?

    Even new cars cannot be guaranteed to be default-free. However, what if you're buying a used car for yourself or for one of your children? What steps can you take to help ensure that the car doesn't have any defects or hasn't developed a problem during its use that could make it unsafe to drive? Whether you're buying it privately from its current owner, from a dealership or from a company that ...
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  • How to Avoid Lead in Your Artificial Christmas Tree

    Many Floridians prefer artificial Christmas trees to real ones. They look just as good, if not better, than the real thing and they're ready when you want to put it up. There are no needles to fall off and get embedded in your carpet. Your dogs are less likely to use an artificial tree as a bathroom than a real one. Lastly, you don't have to drag it out to the trash after Christmas. However, just ...
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  • Safety Group Releases List of the Most Dangerous Toys

    Many Florida parents and grandparents assume that the Christmas and Hanukkah toys they buy for the little ones in their lives are safe. However, that's not a guarantee. The group World Against Toys Causing Harm recently published its annual list of the most hazardous toys available this holiday season. Despite increased safety regulations, according to WATCH, retailers still sell an "alarming ...
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  • What Foods Are Most Likely to Make You Ill?

    When people hear about the seemingly-endless food recalls due to possible contamination by bacteria like salmonella, E. coli and listeria, it may feel like nothing is completely safe to eat anymore. No food can be guaranteed to be free from contamination. However, some foods are more likely to lead to foodborne illnesses and cause food poisoning than others. Since Thanksgiving is fast approaching, ...
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  • Faulty Car Seat Backs Remain a Problem, Despite Tragic Incidents

    The laws involving how children must be secured when riding in a vehicle have changed considerably since when many of us were young. Gone are the days when kids sat in the front seat with their parents, maybe with a seat belt and maybe not. Now children must be secured in a safety seat in one of the rear seats. Sadly, however, that very position can be fatal because of another issue -- faulty seat ...
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  • Supplement Taken by Lamar Odom Had Faced Regulators' Scrutiny

    Many Florida residents had never heard of something called Reload until former Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom was rushed to a hospital after being found unconscious earlier this month at a brothel in Nevada. According to the local sheriff, Odom had taken 10 tablets of the supplement that has been called "herbal Viagra" during his stay at the brothel. The local sheriff described the supplement as a ...
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  • BMW Mysteriously Explodes in Flames in South Florida Driveway

    There's a mystery here in South Florida about what caused a BMW to burst into flames earlier this month. The explosion occurred in the middle of the night as it sat parked in the driveway of the owner's West Park home. The woman was awakened by her son, who alerted her that the car was engulfed in flames. The two of them used a hose to try to extinguish the fire before it could spread to the home. ...
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  • That Thanksgiving Turkey Can Carry Dangerous Bacteria

    Emergency room physicians report that the Thanksgiving holiday weekend brings an uptick in patients for a variety of reasons. A combination of overeating, overdrinking, more people on the roads and forced family togetherness can lead to health issues, injuries and domestic violence. One emergency doctor notes that the influx starts "when the dinner period is over." Food poisoning sends many people ...
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  • Former Executive Sentenced to Prison for Food Poisoning Outbreak

    In what has been a groundbreaking trial and verdict, the former executive of a peanut company has just been sentenced by a federal judge to 28 years in prison for distributing products that he knew were contaminated. The 61-year-old man, Stewart Parnell, used to be the chief executive officer of Peanut Corporation of America. He was convicted in Georgia last year by a jury on 72 charges involving ...
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  • Baby Sleep Positioners Can Be Dangerous and Even Deadly

    One of the biggest concerns for new parents, especially first-time ones, is keeping their little ones safe while they're sleeping. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, can occur if a baby isn't positioned properly in the crib or suffocates in bedding or stuffed toys in the crib. That's why the Consumer Product Safety Commission advises that "Bare is Best." The CPSC warns against placing thick ...
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  • How Can Manufacturers Be Held Liable for Defective Products?

    If you or someone you love has been harmed by a defective or dangerous product , you may not know just what to do. How do you prove that the problem was the fault of the manufacturer or someone else in the supply chain? Won't they just try to say that you weren't using the product correctly and that you're the one at fault? Consumers often feel that they have no chance going up against a large ...
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  • Can Halloween Costumes Still Be Dangerous to Your Child?

    It seems like the school year has barely started when Halloween costumes, decorations and candy start to fill the aisles of Florida stores. It's understandable that parents with multiple kids may opt to dress them in costumes worn previously by older siblings. Whether you're re-using a costume from Halloweens past or buying new ones, it's essential to make sure that they are safe. One primary ...
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  • What "Medical Cocktails" Can Be Deadly?

    It seems like there is a pill these days for just about everything -- physical and emotional -- that ails us. People are increasingly taking multiple medications every day. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over a quarter of people between 20 and 59 have prescriptions for more than one drug. While we hear a lot about the dangers of some prescription drugs , which ...
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  • Huggies Works to Reassure Worried Parents About Its Baby Wipes

    Many parents across Florida and the country have had reason to be nervous in recent days as word spread across social media that people were finding small pieces of glass in their Huggies baby wipes. Consumers posted pictures of what appeared to be tiny glass shards they say they found in the wipes. The national media quickly picked up the story. The company, popular for its diapers, has responded ...
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  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Pays Record Fine over Recall Issues

    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is paying the price for not recalling vehicles found to be defective. The company is buying back hundreds of thousands of its cars, including over a million Jeep SUVs and various models of trucks. Over a half million Fiat Chrysler vehicles have been found to have issues with their suspensions that have caused drivers to lose control. Owners of these vehicles are being ...
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