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Blog Posts in January, 2016

  • What Is "Standard of Care" in Medical Malpractice Cases?

    If you're considering whether to file a medical malpractice suit, you may have come across the phrase "standard of care." This is an essential consideration when a judge and/or jury is making a decision on this type of lawsuit. Obviously, no physician or medical professional can guarantee that nothing will go wrong or that a bad outcome won't occur when treating a patient. However, they are ...
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  • Recalled Disney Onesies Could Present a Choking Hazard

    No one has ever accused the folks at Disney of missing an opportunity for product tie-ins with its films and characters. With its $4 billion acquisition of Lucasfilm back in 2012 and with it the "Star Wars" franchise, those opportunities have increased exponentially. This extends to future Disney fans still in diapers. Unfortunately, the company has had to recall approximately 10,000 onesies ...
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  • How to Make Your Hospital Stay a Safe One

    A hospital stay can be frightening, confusing and intimidating. Everyone seems to know what they're doing, but often they don't stop to explain things to the patients they're caring for. That's why it's essential to maintain some level of control, ask questions and understand what is being done. If you're not in a position to do that because you're too ill or injured, ask a family member to do it. ...
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  • Florida Puts Children at Risk by Removing Surgical Standards for Pediatric Open Heart Surgery

    Physicians say the standards were necessary to protect vulnerable children with heart disease. Pediatric Cardiologists in Florida believe the state is putting children with heart defects at risk after dumping surgical standards following Tenet Healthcare's $200,000 contribution to Republicans in the state, CNN reports . On June 1, 2015, in the hospital with a serious heart problem video , CNN ...
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  • Technological Advancements That Can Help Seniors Drive Safely

    No one wants to have to tell an aging loved one that he or she should no longer drive. In fact, evidence suggests that seniors who stop driving are more likely to suffer from both emotional and physical health issues as a result. However, it can't be denied that health problems from arthritis and other impairments of motor skills to cognitive issues to vision problems impact the ability of many ...
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  • Do You Have Your Surgeon's Undivided Attention? Maybe Not

    When you or a loved one undergo surgery, you have every right to expect that the surgeon will be focused solely on the procedure at hand. Many people may be shocked to learn that it's a fairly common practice for attending surgeons to be involved in multiple surgeries at the same time in different operating rooms. This practice of "concurrent surgeries," in which all or part of multiple procedures ...
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  • How Bedside Nursing Shift Changes Improve Patient Care

    Good communication among members of the medical team caring for a hospital patient is crucial. Serious and even fatal medical mistakes can result from lack of communication or miscommunication between doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. One point where this communication is key is when nurses change shifts. This bedside shift reporting has been the practice in some medical facilities for ...
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  • The Potential Dangers of a Forceps Delivery

    In some cases when a woman is giving birth, forceps are used to help get the baby out of the birth canal. Forceps are often used by doctors if: The baby has reached the birth canal head-first, but the mother is unable to push him or her out. The baby is facing upward instead of downward. Labor isn't progressing as it should (if the mother is pushing without any progress). The mother has a health ...
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  • Florida Woman Dies After Being Removed from Hospital

    In the early morning hours of Dec. 21, police were called to a Tallahassee hospital because a woman was allegedly refusing to leave after being discharged by doctors. Reportedly, one of the officers who responded unplugged the woman's oxygen tank and removed her from the hospital in handcuffs. This was done despite the fact that the woman reportedly was telling hospital staff and the officer that ...
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