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Blog Posts in February, 2016

  • How Can Florida Drivers Avoid Pedal Error Crashes?

    We've all read the stories of drivers who crashed into buildings, other vehicles or even into crowds of people because they accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake. When we see them on television, it's often because multiple people were injured or killed or because there was considerable damage to a structure. However, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety ...
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  • Subaru Recalls SUVs Because Hoods Could Open on Their Own

    One lawsuit against Subaru last year led to an investigation by the automaker and finally to a recall announced late last month. The plaintiff in the suit claimed that the hood on a 2006 Tribeca SUV opened on its own while the vehicle was moving. According to Subaru, the culprit is that a build-up of grease and rust can cause the hood lock or safety systems' springs to fail and the hood to pop ...
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  • How Is a Recall Different from a Market Withdrawal?

    It seems like Floridians hear about recalls constantly on products from food to toys to cars and more. Sometimes, however, when a product is taken off the shelves by a manufacturer, it's called a "market withdrawal." What's the difference? An interesting case took place just last month when Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc. removed some of its packaged salads and greens due to possible Listeria ...
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  • Increasing Doctor Burnout Should Be Concerning to Patients

    We all know that physicians have among the most stressful occupations around and that they experience a high rate of burnout. Even though there may be more awareness of it and efforts to combat it than in past decades, a recent study found that burnout in physicians has actually been increasing. This can be bad news for us as patients because doctors' well-being impacts the care they provide. ...
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  • Road Construction and Damage Can Cause Accidents

    Most serious car accidents here in South Florida are caused by the negligence or recklessness of drivers. In some cases, however, they result from things like unrepaired roadway damage, poor design, inadequate lighting or poorly-marked construction zones. Too often, people are injured due to one of these problems and don't even consider that someone should be held responsible. We know that it can ...
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  • When Can Nurses Be Sued for Medical Malpractice?

    Anyone who's been to a hospital or doctor's office recently will probably attest that they seem to have less time to devote to each patient. That means that the role of nurses has become increasingly significant. So, if a patient is injured or made ill by something that a nurse did while following a physician's orders, can the nurse be held legally responsible? In fact, medical malpractice suits ...
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  • Would You Buy a Self-Pushing Stroller?

    For people who like to take their baby out for a walk but don't want the hassle of having to hold onto the stroller, there may be a new product on the market within the next year to solve that dilemma. It's a self-pushing stroller. The entrepreneurs who came up with the idea of this "intelligent" stroller (called the Smartbe) are still trying to raise the funds to move forward with it. They are ...
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  • What Foods Are Most Likely to Cause Food Poisoning?

    It may seem like as consumers, there's little if anything we can do to avoid getting one of the nasty and sometimes potentially dangerous foodborne illnesses like E. coli ir salmonella. However, some types of food have a greater chance of causing illness than others. One noted food safety attorney who has represented plaintiffs in food poisoning cases against restaurants and food manufacturers ...
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