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Blog Posts in September, 2015

  • Patients in Florida and Beyond Suffer from Hospital Negligence

    Entrusting oneself to the care of medical professionals, especially when there is a need for surgical procedures, can be stressful and worrisome for many patients. In Florida and elsewhere, thousands become injured, ill or -- in worst cases -- suffer death due to hospital negligence and errors made by physicians, nurses, lab technicians and other staff members. It appears that all too often, ...
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  • What Is the Difference Between Contested & Uncontested Divorce?

    The process of getting divorced has changed considerably over the last several decades. At one time, divorce was largely seen as something to hide or be ashamed of. Then we started to see the emergence of divorces that were often bitter and contentious. In recent years, however, we have seen trends shift toward preserving family ties and splitting amicably. No matter what type of divorce you may ...
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  • Can Joint Replacement Surgery Lead to Heart Attacks?

    Hip and knee replacement surgeries are becoming increasingly common. About 1.8 million of these procedures are done worldwide each year. As the population ages, that number will likely rise. Arthroplasty is not just for senior citizens. Younger baby boomers who suffered an injury in their youth that has increasingly bothered them as they age are having joints replaced. You may remember that ...
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  • Considering Filing a Legal Claim Due to Hospital Negligence?

    It is important for hospitals and other professional medical entities to be held legally accountable when they have committed errors that have resulted in injury or illness to a patient. Hospital negligence is a problem in Florida and throughout the United States. Patients will want to know that there is legal help available for those who are considering filing a medical malpractice claim in ...
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  • Crash Victim's Parents Sponsor Vehicle Safety Watch List

    We've previously discussed the massive recall by General Motors that was spurred by problems with the ignition switch that caused the cars' systems to shut down. GM has paid money to victims and family members for crashes related to the ignition issue. These payouts include 124 death claims. The parents of one young woman who died following a 2010 crash want to save other families from the pain ...
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  • What Happens to Debt in a Florida Divorce?

    If you are considering getting divorced or have already filed, one of your biggest concerns may be in regards to your future financial stability. Divorce means that your marital assets and properties will be calculated and then distributed between you and your former spouse. However, it's not just your assets that will be divided. Any debt you and your spouse have will be split up as well and this ...
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  • How Can Manufacturers Be Held Liable for Defective Products?

    If you or someone you love has been harmed by a defective or dangerous product , you may not know just what to do. How do you prove that the problem was the fault of the manufacturer or someone else in the supply chain? Won't they just try to say that you weren't using the product correctly and that you're the one at fault? Consumers often feel that they have no chance going up against a large ...
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  • Birth Injury or Birth Defect?

    When a mother gives birth to her baby, the only thing she usually hopes for is a healthy baby. If the baby has been subjected to medical negligence, though, or a doctor's error, the happiness of the baby's birth can quickly become devastation. A birth injury is caused by something that didn't go right during the delivery process; a birth defect affects the baby before delivery. According to ...
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  • Kids Before Marriage? What You Should Consider

    Being a parent is one of the most important roles a person can have, as caring for a child is an incredible responsibility. While many moms and dads are focused on providing a home, saving for college and being a good role model, part of this responsibility also includes protecting your rights as your child's parent , especially if you are not married to the other parent. Even if you are planning ...
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  • Woman Claims Florida Hospital Negligence Caused Permanent Damage

    What was supposed to be a holiday celebration during Christmas 2012 turned into tragedy for one family in Florida. An airplane accident resulted in death and injury. One of the surviving victims recently filed a lawsuit, claiming that hospital negligence at the trauma center where she was taken for care has resulted in a permanently disabling condition. A woman was traveling as a passenger in a ...
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  • The Dangers of Distracted Driving by Emergency Responders

    Responsible Florida drivers do their best to safely pull over when we hear or see an ambulance or other emergency response vehicle behind us with lights and sirens on. A recent story about an ambulance driver caught on video using his personal cellphone while taking an injured boy to the hospital made the news because we depend on these drivers to be particularly careful amidst what could be a ...
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  • Malpractice Case Moves to Florida Supreme Court After Patient Suicide

    Can a physician be held liable if a patient commits suicide? That's a question that is now before the Florida Supreme Court. The husband of a 55-year-old woman who killed herself in 2008 brought a medical malpractice case against her doctor, contending that he had not fulfilled his duty of care. The Sarasota County woman reportedly suffered from depression. According to the suit, she had called ...
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  • High Asset Divorce of Giada De Laurentiis Is Now Official

    Deciding to end a marriage is never easy, whether for couples in Florida or other states. Regardless of the circumstances that led to the decision to file for a divorce, there are likely great memories of happier times that cannot be erased. Nonetheless, emotions must be put aside, and in some cases, a divorce can become quite public. This is especially true for a celebrity couple facing a high ...
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  • Can Halloween Costumes Still Be Dangerous to Your Child?

    It seems like the school year has barely started when Halloween costumes, decorations and candy start to fill the aisles of Florida stores. It's understandable that parents with multiple kids may opt to dress them in costumes worn previously by older siblings. Whether you're re-using a costume from Halloweens past or buying new ones, it's essential to make sure that they are safe. One primary ...
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  • Will Cameras in Florida Operating Rooms Prevent Surgical Errors?

    A growing number of people are expressing their support of a new idea concerning operating rooms across the nation. If the ideas lead to procedural changes, there might someday be video cameras in hospital surgical suites in Florida and elsewhere. Some who have suffered the untimely deaths of a loved one due to surgical errors stated that their tragedies might have been avoided if the surgeries of ...
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  • How Does Drunk Driving Impact the American Economy?

    Any reduction in drunk driving and the accidents caused by impaired drivers makes the roads safer for all of us. However, it also improves the American economy according to a study on the economic impacts of drunk driving crashes. A study by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation looked at costs associated with drunk driving accidents , including medical care, property damage, ...
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  • Is There an Amicable Way to Divorce?

    If you are getting divorced, you may have heard countless horror stories about how contentious and bitter the process can be. You may have heard about seemingly unfair child custody arrangements or long, drawn-out battles in the courtroom. Unfortunately, this is the route that many divorces take. However, this doesn't have to be the case. If you and your soon-to-be ex are more interested in ...
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  • Florida Birth Injuries Sometimes Caused by Medical Errors

    The birth of a baby is typically a joyful event for those who have waited approximately nine months for a child's entrance into the world. Any woman, in Florida or elsewhere, who entrusts herself to the care of professional medical staff for the purpose of assisting in the labor and delivery of her child has the right to reasonably assume that the care provided will be given according to the ...
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