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Blog Posts in October, 2015

  • Supplement Taken by Lamar Odom Had Faced Regulators' Scrutiny

    Many Florida residents had never heard of something called Reload until former Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom was rushed to a hospital after being found unconscious earlier this month at a brothel in Nevada. According to the local sheriff, Odom had taken 10 tablets of the supplement that has been called "herbal Viagra" during his stay at the brothel. The local sheriff described the supplement as a ...
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  • Hands-Free Technology Doesn't Remove Distractions for Drivers

    We've all been warned about the dangers of talking on a cellphone while driving. In some states, it's illegal to talk on a hand-held device while operating a vehicle. In Florida, it's still legal. However, hands-free technology doesn't lead to distraction-free driving. A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that even when a person is making a phone call or sending a text via ...
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  • BMW Mysteriously Explodes in Flames in South Florida Driveway

    There's a mystery here in South Florida about what caused a BMW to burst into flames earlier this month. The explosion occurred in the middle of the night as it sat parked in the driveway of the owner's West Park home. The woman was awakened by her son, who alerted her that the car was engulfed in flames. The two of them used a hose to try to extinguish the fire before it could spread to the home. ...
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  • Helping Florida Families Hold Nursing Homes Accountable

    The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is never an easy one. Even when it's clear that it's best for a family member's well-being, there's naturally sadness and perhaps some guilt when that time comes. Floridians trust nursing home facilities and their staff to provide the best possible care for their loved ones. In addition to treating any medical issues, this also means giving them ...
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  • Can a Good Beside Manner Reduce the Chance of Malpractice?

    No one wants to have to choose between a highly-skilled doctor and one who is kind, understanding and easy to talk to. However, some of the best physicians, while great analytical thinkers, are lacking in bedside manner. Now those who train doctors are starting to put increased focus on the latter. They believe that, like the technical skills necessary to practice medicine, empathy is something ...
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  • Hospital Negligence an Ongoing Problem in Florida and Beyond

    Florida medical patients, as well as those in other states, have the right to reasonably assume that medical staff members under whose care they have entrusted themselves will act according to the utmost levels of professionalism and safety regulations at all times. When the patient is an infant, parents might be especially concerned with knowing that their child is being well taken care of in the ...
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  • That Thanksgiving Turkey Can Carry Dangerous Bacteria

    Emergency room physicians report that the Thanksgiving holiday weekend brings an uptick in patients for a variety of reasons. A combination of overeating, overdrinking, more people on the roads and forced family togetherness can lead to health issues, injuries and domestic violence. One emergency doctor notes that the influx starts "when the dinner period is over." Food poisoning sends many people ...
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  • The Incredible Frequency of Auto Accidents

    No one thinks about getting in a wreck every time he or she gets in the car in Florida, but the stats show that it happens with alarming frequency. In fact, experts have guessed that people are killed in these accidents every 13 minutes. When looking at all accidents, things appear even worse: There is a crash every 10 seconds. Whether you think about it or not, auto accidents are a serious ...
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  • How an Attorney Can Help You Address a Tricky Topic

    Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and stressful, but ultimately the hard work pays off when the big day comes. However, it is important for people to remember that after the wedding comes a marriage. And despite a couple's best efforts, unfortunately, the marriage doesn't always go as planned. This is why it can be crucial to take some time out of wedding planning and think about planning to ...
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  • Jury Determines That Surgical Errors Caused Woman's Symptoms

    In Florida and all other states, a person who entrusts him or herself to the care of medical professionals for the purpose of undergoing a surgical procedure has the right to expect that the utmost attention will be given to professionalism and adherence to safety standards. There have been incidents, however, in which surgical errors have led to severe injuries or serious illnesses for patients. ...
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  • Former Executive Sentenced to Prison for Food Poisoning Outbreak

    In what has been a groundbreaking trial and verdict, the former executive of a peanut company has just been sentenced by a federal judge to 28 years in prison for distributing products that he knew were contaminated. The 61-year-old man, Stewart Parnell, used to be the chief executive officer of Peanut Corporation of America. He was convicted in Georgia last year by a jury on 72 charges involving ...
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  • Baby Sleep Positioners Can Be Dangerous and Even Deadly

    One of the biggest concerns for new parents, especially first-time ones, is keeping their little ones safe while they're sleeping. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, can occur if a baby isn't positioned properly in the crib or suffocates in bedding or stuffed toys in the crib. That's why the Consumer Product Safety Commission advises that "Bare is Best." The CPSC warns against placing thick ...
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