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Blog Posts in March, 2015

  • Distractions for Teen Drivers Go Beyond Cellphones

    Recently, we discussed what people can do when they have an elderly loved one who can no longer safely drive. Driving can become a problem for people as they age due to slowed response time, medications and physical and emotional conditions. However, young people's unsafe driving habits are more likely to involve being distracted. While that's hardly news to many Florida parents, a study conducted ...
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  • The Sobering Realities of Medical Errors

    The findings of a study about medical errors that was published in the September 2013 issue of the Journal of Patient Safety, was cause for major concern among many Americans. In the study, researchers from Patient Safety America reported that medical errors contribute to the deaths of more than 400,000 people in the U.S. every year. One mother's tragic story of how she lost her nine-year-old ...
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  • How Do You Limit or Stop a Florida Loved One's Driving?

    Florida is known for its large population of seniors. Many people can drive safely well into their senior years. Others, whether because of physical or mental limitations or medications they are taking, should not be behind the wheel. They may be a danger to themselves and others. If you are a family member and/or caretaker of an older person, what signs should you look out for that it's time to ...
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  • Should Floridians Worry About Arsenic in Our Foods and Beverages?

    Recent news reports of potentially dangerous levels of arsenic in some domestic wines understandably have caused concern among Florida residents. However, the presence of arsenic, which is actually a metal, in some of the products we consume is nothing new. A 2013 study by researchers at Dartmouth University found that some of the foods and beverages that people consume are significant ...
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  • Why Is Florida Ranked the Worst Place to Be in a Crash?

    Florida has the unfortunate distinction of being ranked the worst state in the country to be in a car accident, at least as far as potential financial impact. The rating is based on a study by the website WalletHub, which provides financial information and tools to help people "make better financial decisions and save money." That study looked at the percentage of drivers who are uninsured and car ...
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  • Nurse Who Contracted Ebola Sues Hospital's Parent Company

    On Oct. 8, 2014, Thomas Eric Duncan died at Texas Health Presbyterian North Dallas hospital. Duncan's death made world news as he became the first individual on U.S. soil to die of the deadly and feared Ebola virus. While a patient at the hospital, Duncan was treated and cared for by a team of critical care nurses that included 26-year-old Nina Pham. Pham, along with one other nurse who cared for ...
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  • Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries Are Anything but Mild

    When someone suffers a blow to the head or is deprived of oxygen for even a short period, the resulting damage can be life changing for the injured person. Every year, millions of people require medical treatment after suffering a traumatic brain injury in the United States. While the effects of a severe injury to the brain are often obvious, individuals who suffer a mild traumatic brain injury ...
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  • Warranties Can Protect Floridians Who Buy Defective Products

    Most Floridians have numerous items in and around their homes that have warranties. Actually, just about every new product has one, although not all are in writing. A warranty is basically a guarantee the seller provides that it is responsible if the product does not work or hold up as advertised and that they will repair or replace it at no charge. To help protect consumers, the government ...
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  • When a Misdiagnosis Results in Injury or Death

    Doctors are highly experienced professionals who are trained to evaluate numerous factors when considering a diagnosis and treatment plan. Across the country and throughout the state of Florida, residents rely upon medical doctors and health care professionals to diagnose and treat a variety of benign and serious medical conditions and diseases. In some cases, the prompt and correct diagnosis of ...
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  • Birth Injuries Are Down, but They Can Be Serious When They Occur

    Advances in prenatal care have made birth injuries far less common than even a few decades ago. Fortunately, most that do occur heal on their own. However, sometimes babies suffer serious injuries as they make their way into the world. We'll look at a few that can result in death or problems that may require extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation and long-term care. Nerve injuries often ...
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  • Which Federal Agencies Have Jurisdiction over Defective Products?

    A number of federal government agencies oversee the safety of the products that consumers use every day. They perform a crucial public service by providing a place for consumers to report product defects and safety issues by notifying the public of issues and working to get dangerous and defective products off the market. However, it can be confusing for consumers trying to determine whether a ...
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  • Lawsuit Details How Rushed Delivery Led to Cerebral Palsy Injury

    A teenage boy was recently helped into a Florida courtroom as a medical malpractice trial against the doctor who delivered him 16 years ago got underway. The lawsuit stems from assertions by the teen's parents that the obstetrician acted in haste and rushed the boy's 1998 delivery. Today, the 16 year old has been diagnosed as suffering from cerebral palsy. He has the intellectual capacity of a ...
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  • What Floridians should know before calling 911 from a cellphone

    In an age when our precise location can be determined by Facebook, Uber and video games, it seems unthinkable that many 911 call centers lack this ability. However, in many cases, these centers don't have the technology to determine where a cellphone call is originating, and it has resulted in the deaths of people who were unable to speak or couldn't provide their location. As the Florida Sheriffs ...
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  • Physical ailments and medications can contribute to car accidents

    A number of drivers in the Miami area of all ages, but particularly seniors, have medical conditions and/or take medications that may impact their ability to drive and potentially increase their chances of getting into an auto accident. Obviously, driving does not require being in perfect physical condition. However, it's essential to understand how your medical condition(s) and any drugs you are ...
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