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Blog Posts in June, 2015

  • Can Someone Be Addicted to Distracted Driving Behavior?

    We've talked about distracted driving on multiple occasions. People admit to doing everything from talking and texting to video chatting to taking selfies while behind the wheel. All of this activity is taking place despite the proven dangers of using mobile devices while driving as well as the laws around the country intended to curb it. Why is that? One psychologist and assistant professor, Dr. ...
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  • Would Operating Room Cameras Help Prevent Hospital Negligence?

    Medical patients must place a certain amount of trust in the professional doctors, nurses and other staff members who care for them during medical procedures. This is especially true if the medical patient is to be unconscious during any part of the procedure. Unfortunately, medical patients, including some in Florida, sometimes become injured or ill due to hospital negligence that has occurred ...
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  • Friends Can Be One of the Biggest Distractions to Teen Drivers

    We've talked here about the dangers of distracted driving , particularly among teens. Texting, talking on the phone and emailing while driving can be dangerous and even deadly for any driver, but even more so for those with little experience behind the wheel. However, one of the biggest distractions for teen drivers is their passengers, especially when there are several other teens in the car. In ...
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  • Parents Grieve Loss of Daughter, Claim Hospital Negligence

    A 19-year-old college student died after having been in a vegetative state for two years. Her parents filed a lawsuit, claiming that their daughter's death was the result of hospital negligence . The court recently ruled in favor of the parents in the case. Florida medical patients who have suffered injury or illness due to medical negligence might want to take note of the recent ruling. According ...
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  • Who Has Liability When Fireworks Go Wrong?

    One of the tried and true traditions of summer is watching Fourth of July fireworks. However, whether you're attending a backyard party where the hosts are setting off their own pyrotechnics or a public event where a fireworks company is running the show, there is a risk of severe injury or worse. On average, over 9,000 people are injured and four killed annually by fireworks gone wrong. People ...
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  • Discussing a Prenup with Your Partner

    Summer is a popular time for couples to get married in Florida. People who are getting married this summer have likely been making decisions for the event for several months now. But with all that goes into wedding planning, it can be easy to forget that after the wedding comes the marriage. Some people fail to prepare themselves for this because they are more focused on the immediate future. If ...
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  • Understanding Parenting Plans in Florida

    People who are getting divorced can find themselves consumed by the process. Every emotion or decision can be motivated by the fact that their marriage is ending and their lives are about to change considerably. However, as common as this can be, parents who are divorcing need to remember that a divorce isn't just affecting them; it is also affecting their children. Children can have their worlds ...
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  • Surgical Errors Continue to Occur in Florida and Other States

    A recent medical review stated that, although rare, medical mistakes can and do occur in hospitals throughout the United States. Surgical errors in Florida and elsewhere continue to plague some patients who have placed themselves under the care of medical professionals for necessary or elective surgeries. A recent article listed some of the most common mistakes made by surgeons. According to ...
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  • Liability Waivers for Teen Parties -- a Good Idea?

    Do you need to get legal guidance before sending your teen off to a party? That's what an increasing number of parents are asking themselves. Some of our readers with high school-age kids may have already encountered a practice that is becoming more frequent, particularly in wealthier communities. It involves liability release forms for parties. Some parents who host large gatherings such as ...
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  • Who's Texting While Behind the Wheel and Why?

    Just about all Americans say that they know that texting while driving a vehicle is unsafe. However, nearly half admit that they have done it. While cellphone use, whether to talk, text or email, is not the only cause of distracted driving, it's a big one. According to the National Safety Council, cellphone use is behind about a quarter of all vehicle accidents . Young people who don't know a time ...
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  • The Dangers of Missing and Broken Pool Drain Covers

    When Floridians hear about pool safety, it often involves ways to prevent drowning. However, another potentially-deadly danger involves people becoming entrapped in pool drains. There are a number of ways that swimmers can become trapped in a drain that is broken or uncovered. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission: Almost 30 percent of cases involve a person's body being sucked down ...
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  • Hospital Negligence Sometimes Involved in Florida Patient Deaths

    A hospital in Florida was the center of a recent story in the news, suggesting that its infant mortality rate after heart surgery was triple the national average. A major news network reported the percentages, claiming that six out of 48 babies did not survive heart surgeries at the facility between 2011 and 2013. In similar cases throughout the state and across the nation, hospital negligence is ...
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  • Florida Hospital Suspends Elective Heart Surgeries on Children After CNN Investigation

    On June 1, 2015 CCN shared an investigative story on the Pediatric Heart Surgery Program of local Florida Hospital, St. Mary's Medical Center. In the hospital with a serious heart problem video , CNN reports the mortality rate for babies having heart surgery at St. Mary's Medical Center was three times the national average from 2011-2013. More than half the hospitals in the United States do not ...
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  • Why Does Summer Bring Increased Danger of Car Accidents?

    Even though it generally feels like summer all year here in South Florida, the actual summer season still brings changes that can make driving more dangerous. While hot weather accounts for increased tire blowouts and overheated engines, the summer months bring additional problems that require drivers to be extra careful. Whether you're planning a Florida vacation or hitting the road to another ...
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  • Alleged Surgical Errors Result in Florida Medical Malpractice

    Florida parents have the right to reasonably assume that their children's safety will be protected when undergoing care at a dentist's office. A recent case involves more than 60 former patients who have alleged that the surgical errors of one dentist were intentional. The accusations were brought to light when the mother of a 2-year-old felt that something was not right with regard to the ...
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