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Blog Posts in July, 2015

  • What Can Be Done to Lower the Suicide Rate of Those Behind Bars?

    Most of our readers have heard of Sandra Bland. She is the 28-year-old woman found hanging in a Texas jail cell three days after her arrest following a traffic stop. A medical examiner determined that she committed suicide. Her family and others dispute the notion that Bland, who was about to start a new job, would take her own life. Whether it is ever determined for certain how Bland ended up ...
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  • Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Dividing Assets via Mediation

    When very wealthy couples get divorced, the most contentious part of the whole process can be dividing their assets. Splitting everything up can be enormously complicated and this can add even more anxiety to an already-stressful situation. For some people, this leads to a nasty, bitter courtroom battle and arguing over every account, purchase and financial detail. For other people, however, ...
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  • Florida Man Blames Doctors' Failure to Diagnose for His Condition

    A recent lawsuit has been filed in Florida involving a 26-year-old man who has become a paraplegic. The events leading up to the young man's paralysis began in June 2012 when he visited several doctors for back pain. The legal claim he has recently filed against various health-care providers asserts that a failure to diagnose his tuberculosis led to his current paralytic condition. The patient in ...
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  • How Do You Know Which Pain Relievers Are Safest for You?

    For the millions of people who suffer from arthritis and other chronic conditions that cause constant pain or soreness, it seems like whatever over-the-counter pain reliever we choose comes with potential dangers. Just recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration strengthened its warnings on nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and their link to strokes and heart attacks. NSAIDs include popular ...
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  • Could Hackers Take over Your Vehicle and Cause an Accident?

    As if South Florida drivers don't have enough to worry about, thanks to all of the wireless technology in later-model vehicles, our cars (or those of others sharing the road with us) can be hacked. While sometimes this is done just to make mischief, such as messing with the driver's music, the results could be tragic. Hackers can take control of the braking, steering and other systems. They can ...
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  • Penalties Can Be Serious for Parenting Time Violations

    Raising children separately but with another parent can be an enormous challenge. Two parents can clash when it comes to parenting styles, communication and making decisions for the children. Unfortunately, these challenges can be all but unavoidable when parents are no longer together by share custody of their children. In most cases, parents are able to eventually come to terms with their ...
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  • Many Surgical Errors in Florida and Beyond Are Preventable

    A doctor at a leading hospital recently stated that in light of the standardized and specific procedures that are in place to guide surgeons through elective surgeries, mistakes should be very rare. Many studies suggest that surgical errors are often preventable and occur due to negligence on the part of a doctor, nurse or other medical staff member. Florida patients might wish to take note of a ...
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  • Could Your Children's School Supplies Be Harming Them?

    It won't be long before South Florida parents will be sending their kids back to school. That means new backpacks, binders, lunch boxes and other school supplies. Most people don't think of those rather innocuous items as potentially hazardous. However, school supplies are allowed to contain dangerous chemicals that have been banned or restricted in many toys. Of key concern is a class of ...
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  • Who Are the Innocent Victims of the Prescription Drug Abuse War?

    The abuse of pain medication has become a growing problem throughout the country, and Florida, sadly, is no exception. Back in 2010 , Florida legislators, with the support of Attorney General Pam Bondi, passed legislation aimed at the state's "pill mills." The legislation made it illegal to dispense narcotics from a medical office. While our state has seen a drop in deaths caused by prescription ...
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  • Understanding Property Division Laws in Florida

    In our last post, we discussed some of the challenges that can arise when two people get divorced and need to divide up their assets. We also noted in post that this can be especially complicated for couples who have significant or complex assets because it can be difficult to determine who owns what and how much certain assets and properties are actually worth. However, property division has the ...
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  • Florida Hospital Negligence Might Involve Failure to Diagnose

    In Florida and all other states, medical staff members are expected to conduct themselves to the utmost levels of precautionary care in order to ensure the safety of every patient. Hospital negligence sometimes occurs, despite the efforts on the parts of many to maintain the highest levels of safety and patient well-being. Sometimes, negligence might include a failure to diagnose according to test ...
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  • How Can You Help Protect Your Health and Safety in Hotel Gyms?

    Many of our readers heard about Dave Goldberg's death. Goldberg, who headed the company SurveyMonkey and was married to Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg , died while working out on a treadmill in the gym of a Mexican resort. Although there are reports that Goldberg's death may have been related to a heart ailment rather than a treadmill malfunction, the story gave pause to many of us who use ...
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  • Woman Claims Permanent Arm Injury Caused by Surgical Errors

    In April, a case was filed in a Court outside Florida, claiming that a doctor's error caused permanent damage to a woman's arm. Surgical errors are sometimes alleged in medical malpractice cases. The woman in this particular case says that her arm has been permanently damaged and that she believes the doctor is liable for those injuries. The woman is reportedly diabetic and also suffers from high ...
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  • Was Your Grilling Accident Caused by a Defective Product?

    Summer brings out the grilling enthusiast in many Florida residents. However, whether you use a charcoal grill or a propane gas one, there are a number of potential dangers that require that care be taken. While some grilling accidents are caused by people being careless, others can be traced to a problem in the design or manufacturing of the product as well as with the warnings and instructions ...
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  • Legal Support Can Be Crucial During Your High-Asset Divorce

    Separating money, assets and debts during a divorce can be one of the most contentious aspects of a split. Money and property can mean stability and often reflect the work and time two people put into a marriage, so people often want that dedication to pay off in the end. Because there are so many deep and powerful emotions at play when it comes to financial standing after a divorce, it can be ...
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  • Why Can Drinking and Driving Be Even More Dangerous for Seniors?

    Many people associate driving under the influence with young people who go out partying and have too much to drink or with middle-age people who stop by a bar and have a few drinks before driving home from work. However, senior citizens may be particularly susceptible to impaired driving. It's easy for someone who has been driving for 50 years, more or less, to think that it's a skill that they've ...
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  • Aviation Accidents Require Experienced Legal Guidance

    Airplane crashes don't always involve large commercial aircraft. In fact, people are injured and killed in accidents involving small planes all the time. Just last month, a sightseeing plane carrying passengers from a cruise ship on an excursion crashed in the mountains of Alaska. Nine people, including the pilot, died in the crash. The National Transportation Safety Board is still working to ...
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  • Why Summer Can Bring More Cases of Listeria

    In Florida, barbecue season is pretty much all year, but summer is still peak season. If you are barbecuing meat, the chance that you or your family may develop a foodborne illness should be a concern. However, it can be transmitted through other foods. One particularly dangerous illness transmitted through food is listeriosis. It is caused by a bacterium called Listeria monocytogenes. Listeria is ...
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  • Can I Expect to Get Alimony in My Florida Divorce?

    Financial stability is one of the top concerns people have when they are getting divorced. This is understandable considering the fact that divorce means that a couple will have to split up their assets. They will also have to transition out of one or two incomes supporting a single household to that same amount of money supporting two households. Divorcing spouses may assume that they will be ...
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