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Blog Posts in August, 2015

  • What "Medical Cocktails" Can Be Deadly?

    It seems like there is a pill these days for just about everything -- physical and emotional -- that ails us. People are increasingly taking multiple medications every day. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over a quarter of people between 20 and 59 have prescriptions for more than one drug. While we hear a lot about the dangers of some prescription drugs , which ...
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  • Some Troubling Car Accident Statistics for American Indians

    Obviously, auto accidents cause injury and death for too many Floridians. However, the death rate for adults in the American Indian/Alaska Native population is 1.5 higher than that of white or black people. Meanwhile, AI/AN children under a year old have an eight times greater chance of dying in a car accident than non-Hispanic white infants. These statistics and others related to injuries in auto ...
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  • Widower Claims Hospital Negligence in Case Outside Florida

    A man who is grieving the loss of his beloved wife has stated that he believes medical professionals are responsible for her death. As such, he has filed a legal claim asserting that hospital negligence is the reason for the untimely death of his spouse. As the executor of his wife's estate, the man has filed a lawsuit against several physicians, a health care clinic and the hospital that ...
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  • Can a Spouse's Infidelity Affect Child Custody?

    Readers of this blog are probably familiar with recent news stories regarding the hacking of Ashley Madison, a dating website for people looking to have an extramarital affair. Since the data was released to the public, people across the country have initiated divorce proceedings after discovering their spouse's account and want to know if infidelity plays a role in a divorce. As noted in this ...
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  • Huggies Works to Reassure Worried Parents About Its Baby Wipes

    Many parents across Florida and the country have had reason to be nervous in recent days as word spread across social media that people were finding small pieces of glass in their Huggies baby wipes. Consumers posted pictures of what appeared to be tiny glass shards they say they found in the wipes. The national media quickly picked up the story. The company, popular for its diapers, has responded ...
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  • What Can Go Wrong with the Umbilical Cord Before or During Birth?

    Florida parents know how crucial the umbilical cord is to the development of the unborn child in the womb. It's the means by which the child obtains nutrients and oxygen while removing waste. However, things can go wrong with the umbilical cord, particularly during labor and delivery that can be dangerous and even potentially fatal to a baby. How doctors and other medical professionals respond to ...
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  • Divorce, the Children and College

    There are many things about the future that a person who is going through a divorce may be concerned about. For divorcing parents, these concerns often are not just limited to being about their own future, but also about their children's future. For example, one thing a divorcing parent may be worried about is their children's ability to eventually get a college education. Being able to go to ...
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  • Florida Patients Might Be Affected by Failure to Diagnose

    When a Florida resident entrusts his or her physical well-being to the care of a medical professional, he or she has the right to reasonably assume that all available safety precautions will be observed throughout the process and that a doctor will make a thorough assessment of an individual case in order to provide the patient with a correct diagnosis, if needed. A failure to diagnose a patient ...
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  • Why Is "Vicarious Liability" Important in Malpractice Claims?

    If you or a loved one was injured or sickened by medical professionals, determining who can and should be held accountable for medical malpractice isn't always clear. This is particularly true if you were hospitalized. Doctors and others were likely coming in and out of your room all the time. If you had surgery, even more professionals were involved in your care -- many of whom you didn't know. ...
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  • Why College Students May Be Particularly Dangerous Drivers

    As the beginning of the school year nears, many college students will be taking a car with them to have on campus. It can be a great convenience to students who work part-time off-campus as well as to those who simply want the freedom to explore what the surrounding area has to offer. Floridians who live near one of our many colleges and universities know that the fall semester can bring increased ...
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  • Can Laborists Help Reduce Hospital Negligence in Florida?

    Giving birth is typically known as an exciting and amazing experience. Sometimes, however, a mother's excitement can come to an abrupt halt if complications occur or hospital negligence leads to an injury for herself or her child. A recent article discussed a new medical trend that some say might help reduce the incidents of malpractice throughout the nation. In a small, rural town north of ...
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  • Questions About Alimony? Consult Your Attorney

    The decisions that two people make in their relationship are typically motivated by emotions and shared goals. Throughout the course of any marriage, spouses typically work together to make choices they can both feel good about. When these relationships end, it can be very difficult for people to adjust to making decisions based on their own individual interests. Some people end up doing things ...
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  • Legionnaires' Disease Still a Concern Nearly 40 Years On

    Many people have never heard of Legionnaires' disease. It often results from exposure to a bacterium called Legionella pneumophila. It got its name from an outbreak in 1976 of a then-unknown illness similar to pneumonia. Some of our readers may remember that over 200 people attending an American Legion convention in a Philadelphia hotel became ill, some fatally, from what became known as ...
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  • Are Florida Hosts Responsible for Overserving Their Guests?

    When Florida residents or their children attend a gathering at someone else's house, they generally are focused on having a good time -- not on who is criminally or civilly liable if tragedy strikes. The recent case of a North Carolina couple shows what can go wrong. The couple was found not guilty of aiding and abetting drinking by underage guests at a wedding reception at their home last year. ...
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  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Pays Record Fine over Recall Issues

    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is paying the price for not recalling vehicles found to be defective. The company is buying back hundreds of thousands of its cars, including over a million Jeep SUVs and various models of trucks. Over a half million Fiat Chrysler vehicles have been found to have issues with their suspensions that have caused drivers to lose control. Owners of these vehicles are being ...
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  • Is My Prenup Enforceable?

    Signing a prenuptial agreement before getting married can save people a considerable amount of stress and confusion in the event that they get divorced. A prenuptial agreement can be a valuable tool in helping people establish and resolve certain conditions of a divorce at a time when they are on the same page and aren't clouded by feelings of anger, resentment or sadness. However, when and if the ...
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  • Florida Medical Patients Might Be at Risk for Hospital Negligence

    In Florida and all other states, a person who suffers illness or injury due to substandard medical care may be able to file a personal injury claim in a civil court against the party or parties deemed liable. Hospital negligence is an ongoing problem in the United States. A recent article discussed certain medical probes and instances of apparent patient infection in relation to use of the probes ...
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