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Blog Posts in September, 2014

  • What is Florida's Move Over Law?

    A recent accident in St. Johns County has prompted the Florida Highway Patrol to remind motorists of the importance of our state's Move Over Law. The accident, as reported on Sept. 24 by News 4 Jax occurred on Interstate 95. A state trooper inside his car was injured, and the driver who reportedly caused the crash was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. It occurred when, reportedly ...
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  • Why Floridians should be concerned about doctor-owned businesses

    It's been almost a year since we first discussed a wrongful death lawsuit against a spine surgeon. That case, as we noted, exposed a potentially-deadly phenomenon known as physician-owned distributorships. Because of their financial involvement in the companies that sell medical devices like the spinal implants in this case, critics of PODs argue that some doctors perform unnecessary and risky ...
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  • What kinds of birth injuries result from shoulder dystocia?

    Shoulder dystocia is a complication that occurs most often with larger babies. It happens in anywhere from 5 to 9 percent of babies who weigh over nine pounds at birth. It can occur in smaller babies, but not as commonly. Just 1 percent of six-pound newborns experience shoulder dystocia. Shoulder dystocia occurs as the baby moves into the birth canal if the shoulders become trapped behind the ...
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  • Florida For-Profit College Sued By Federal Government

    A for-profit college with campuses across Florida may promise its students better careers and a better life, but according to the federal government, it's doing the opposite. Corinthian Colleges is being sued by the government for lying about job prospects and forcing students to pay exorbitant interest on their loans. According to the lawsuit, Corinthian's loose definition of a career included ...
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  • Auto safety agency seeks more resources for defective products

    The fallout from the faulty ignition-switches that remained in General Motors vehicles for years after they were found to be defective continues. Congress is turning its attention to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and asking how it failed to deal with the problem and others that have plagued the auto industry in recent years. As David Friedman, the NHTSA's deputy administrator ...
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  • Cruise lines may be liable for injuries, wrongful deaths

    Every year, millions of Floridians and people from all over the country begin their cruises from one of our state's ports. Fortunately, most cruises are joyous experiences. However, these floating resorts can also present dangers. Passengers have been injured and killed in a variety of ways on cruises. Wet decks can lead to slip-and-fall accidents that can be deadly, particularly for the older ...
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  • Florida doctors still licensed after multiple malpractice payouts

    When a physician is found responsible for wrongdoing in multiple medical malpractice suits, most people expect the state medical board to take action to restrict or revoke that doctor's license. In Florida, that accountability is sorely lacking. The show "CBS This Morning" recently reported on a case involving a St. Petersburg surgeon who settled a medical malpractice case brought by another ...
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  • NHTSA Faltering In Dealing With Deadly Auto Defects

    An investigation by the New York Times has found that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's handling of major safety defects over the past decade has been slow in identifying and acting on problems. The Times found that many major recalls, including the G.M. ignition defect and Honda air bag ruptures, the agency did not take a leading role until well after the problems had reached a ...
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  • Anesthesia errors can be serious and even fatal for Floridians

    The death of comedy legend Joan Rivers after she went into cardiac arrest during a seemingly-routine medical procedure has prompted a good deal of discussion about the dangers of anesthesia. It has not yet been confirmed what type of anesthesia was used on the 81-year-old comedienne for the endoscopic procedure she was reportedly undergoing. However, as one doctor wrote in a Sept. 5 article on the ...
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  • Seau family pursuing wrongful death instead of class-action suit

    Most of our readers know the sad story of Junior Seau, the Miami Dolphins linebacker who spent two decades in the National Football League and ended his own life in 2012. As ESPN's website noted on Sept. 3, after the 43-year-old shot himself with a .357 Magnum, his brain was studied by multiple neuroscientists who found signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The CTE diagnosis supported the ...
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  • Government moves to reclassify some potentially dangerous drugs

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010 over 16,500 people took fatal overdoses of opioid-based painkillers. These drugs are responsible for more deaths than any other type of drug, whether legal or illegal, according to the CDC. One data provider reports that last year, nearly 128 million prescriptions were written for hydrocodone combination products. This accounted ...
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  • Miami Caregiver Accused Of Stealing $1 Million From Elderly Woman

    On Tuesday, police arrested Marie Petit Louis for stealing close to $1 million from her elderly patient Annette Reff. Petit Louis was charged with exploitation of the elderly of more than $100,000 and her bond was set at $250,000. According the investigation, between 2010 and 2012 Petit Louis would misidentify herself as Reff, instructed investment officers to transfer money into a Wells Fargo ...
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  • Report: Florida's cities having fewer accidents

    Allstate has issued its tenth annual "America's Best Drivers Report," which ranks driving safety of the 200 largest cities in the country. The results are based on claims for collisions with property damage received by the insurance company. As Bloomberg notes in an Aug. 26 article, it includes data from Jan. 2011 to Dec. 2012 gathered by the country's largest publicly-traded auto and home ...
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