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Blog Posts in January, 2014

  • FDBR Health Update: Breaking News

    Every day, new advances are made in medicine and science and it can be hard to keep up. Our firm is committed to keeping our clients and the general public informed as to new and important developments in the health field. On a regular basis we will post new findings. We hope you will find them informative. The gynecology board has reversed their ban on treating male patients. The reversal comes ...
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  • More Than 600 Sickened On Royal Caribbean Cruise

    A Royal Caribbean cruise will be cut short by two days after more than 600 people on the ship have become ill. The sickness is being linked to an outbreak of a gastrointestinal illness, and passengers and crew members have reported vomiting and diarrhea, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In a statement, the cruise line stated, "After consultation between our medical team ...
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  • Unarmed former Florida A&M football player shot, killed by police

    The family of a former Florida A&M University football player has filed a wrongful death suit in the shooting death of the young man by a police officer. According to the lawsuit, the officer used "excessive force" in shooting the unarmed man 10 times last year in Charlotte, North Carolina. The lawsuit alleges " wrongful death and gross negligence." The 24-year-old former safety knocked on the ...
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  • Whistleblowers: Florida-Based Hospital Chain Sued

    The Justice Department has joined eight separate whistle-blower lawsuits against Health Management Associates, a for-profit hospital chain based in Naples, Fla. The lawsuit describes a wide-ranging strategy involving sophisticated software, financial incentives and threats to inflate the company's payments from Medicare and Medicaid by admitting patients, regardless of whether a patient needed ...
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  • Anonymous tip prompts family's malpractice suit

    We've discussed a number of Florida malpractice cases here, but the allegations in a California suit that has made national news seem particularly egregious. They involve a surgeon accused of leaving a patient with his chest cavity open in the hands of a physician's assistant during open-heart surgery while he went to a luncheon. Because of complications that arose after the surgeon left, ...
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  • Small Cars Flunk Crash Tests

    Most of the subcompact and minicars crash tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety did very poorly . Only one of the 11 small cars, the Chevrolet Spark, tested in the small overlap crash test did well, earning a rating of acceptable. The Spark is also the only car of its size to earn the Institute's Top Safety Pick. Six cars earned the Institute's lowest rating of 'Poor', including the ...
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  • One Week, 5 Medical Studies You Should Know

    This week, five medical studies were published. At FDBR we pride ourselves in following the latest news when it comes to medicine, health and other issues that impact our clients. From coffee to baby names, here are the studies you might have missed. 1) In the journal Nature Neuroscience, researchers found that caffeine can strengthen your long-term memory. Participants were given 100 to 300 ...
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  • Country Star Luke Bryan's Stage Collapses & Injures Crew

    Crew members were rushed to the hospital Thursday night after Luke Bryan's stage set collapsed after his Ohio concert. A forklift crashed into the stage during takedown, causing it to collapse, according to local law enforcement officials. Four people were taken to the hospital with injuries. Their current medical status is unknown. Bryan's next scheduled concert date in Kentucky has been ...
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  • Florida appeals court overturns medical malpractice settlement

    A Florida appeals court has ruled two-to-one that a Palm Beach County physician and the medical practice for which she works do not have to pay a $2.5 million judgment in a suit brought by a couple whose baby was born in 2008 with severe birth defects. The medical malpractice case alleged that the couple's physician did not tell them about the condition of the baby until it was too late to ...
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  • Do you like chicken fried, roasted or with a side of cockroach?

    Four months after the United States Department of Agriculture linked an outbreak of salmonella to Foster Farms, the poultry company is once again the subject of some unwanted (and decidedly unappetizing) publicity. The USDA shut down Foster Farms' plant in Livingston, California, after what was termed an "infestation" of live cockroaches was found at the facility. This plant was one of the three ...
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  • Target Hacking Scandal Worse Than You Think

    Target revealed Friday that 70 million customers had their personal information hacked , proving that the data breach was significantly broader than the 40 million originally reported. Target said personal data stolen, including names, phone numbers and email addresses, could affect its past shoppers, not just those that visited the store recently. Customers who shopped at Target in the weeks ...
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  • Florida parents settle wrongful death suit ahead of murder trial

    It's a case that has evoked comparisons to the Trayvon Martin killing by many, including MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry. A man is accused of shooting a 17-year-old Florida high school student to death in November of 2012 during a dispute over the volume of the music being played in the vehicle in which the young man was a passenger. The 47-year-old defendant, whose murder trial is set to begin next ...
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  • Oversight still lacking in Florida for compounding pharmacies

    Last November, President Obama signed a law called the "Drug Quality and Security Act," which is designed to give the Food and Drug Administration more authority over "bulk compounders." However, the responsibility for "traditional compounding pharmacies" still seems to be with individual states. These are terms that may be unfamiliar to most people. Compounding pharmacies "tailor-make" ...
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  • Dangers Of Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal procedures have gotten very popular in recent years, and come with dangerous risks if performed incorrectly. Nearly half a million treatments were performed in 2011 by dermatologic surgeons, and an unknown number more have been done by nonphysicians who have minimal training. These treatments come with risks. The percentage of lawsuits over laser surgery that involved a ...
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  • Three-Year-Old Girl Dies After Dental Procedure

    A 3-year-old girl from Hawaii passed away on Friday night after suffering major brain damage from a dental procedure last month. The parents of the little girl are now suing the dentist, alleging negligence and dangerous conduct. The lawsuit also claims improper medications with incorrect dosages were administered to the girl on Dec. 3. Finley Boyle was taken to the dentist in November by her ...
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  • Parents win civil case in son's death, defendant still on the lam

    A Miami-Dade jury has awarded more than $15 million to the parents of a young Palm Beach County man who was killed, along with four other people, in an a 2011 accident. Although this family's wrongful death civil action has ended, the driver accused of causing the fatal collision on Interstate 95 has not been captured. The crash occurred in the early morning of March 5, 2011, when the fugitive ...
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  • FDBR Health Updates: Breaking News

    Every day, new advances are made in medicine and science and it can be hard to keep up. Our firm is committed to keeping our clients and the general public informed as to new and important developments in the health field. On a regular basis we will post new findings. We hope you will find them informative. Posted early January 2014: Beginning Jan. 1, Medicare will increase its coverage of mental ...
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  • Baby suffers 'internal decapitation' during birth

    Most people aren't familiar with the term "internal decapitation." However that is what reportedly happened to a baby during her birth. Allegedly, when the doctor used forceps to deliver the little girl during an emergency C-section, he severed her spinal cord and also crushed her skull. She is brain dead, unable to breathe without equipment and cannot move on her own. Her parents are preparing to ...
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