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Blog Posts in March, 2013

  • Update: Adults Text And Drive Even More Than Teens

    Some of our recent coverage focused on the unique risks that teenage drivers pose to Florida motorists. Specifically, teenage drivers are likely to try to juggle the responsibilities of operating a vehicle with text messaging or surfing the web on a smart phone. Texting and driving is extremely dangerous because it diverts all of a driver's attention from the road-some experts believe that this ...
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  • Leading Cause of Intestinal Disorders In Kids Linked To Norovirus

    A new study by the Centers for Disease Control shows norovirus sent nearly 1 million kids under the age of five were sent to a doctor or hospital in 2009 and 2010 Norovirus, also known as a stomach flu or food poisoning, inflames the lining of the stomach and intestines. Symptoms of the norovirus include severe vomiting and diarrhea. Every year, the infection causes 21 million cases of illness, ...
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  • Distracted Driving: 5 Tips For Parents of Teens, Part 2

    Our last post introduced some common recommendations for parents of teenage drivers. One of the most important ways to help teenagers stay safe on the road is to help them combat the temptation to text while driving. Teenagers face more distraction-related risks than any other age group and the rate of teen traffic fatalities is on the rise in Florida and other states. Distracted driving likely ...
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  • Time Constraints A Common Factor in Diagnostic Errors

    A recent study on the causes of medical diagnostic errors has found several contributing factors, such as problems in patient encounters and time constraints. Published in JAMA Internal Medicine, the study revealed that eight out of 10 misdiagnoses were due in part to errors during a physical exam or during medical-taking. One in five mistakes were related to referrals and sixteen percent of ...
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  • Distracted Driving: 5 Tips For Parents of Teens, Part 1

    As part of our ongoing focus on the dangers of distracted driving in Florida, this is the first of two posts that will look at some ways that parents can help teenagers resist the temptation to text behind the wheel. According to one surveys, 89 percent of teenagers reported that they always respond to a text message within five minutes - even if they are driving at the time. Given the ever-larger ...
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  • Another Disaster At Sea For Carnival Cruise Lines

    Another Carnival cruise has become a nightmare for passengers, after a generator failed, causing toilets to stop working and the power to go off. Passengers on board the Carnival Dream were not allowed to get off the ship, even though it was docked in St. Maarten at the time of the power failure. Carnival Cruise Lines is working to fly all the passengers back to Florida. The ship had 4,300 guests ...
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  • Distracted Driving: Texting Related To Higher Teen Fatality Rate

    According to a national safety organization, teenage drivers were involved in significantly more fatal accidents last year. The Governors Highway Safety Association and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are reporting big surges in fatal accidents - meaning that 2012 will likely be the second consecutive year to record a big increase. So far, the data shows that 240 16- and ...
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  • Colonoscopies Dangerous, Overused For Elderly Patients

    While most organizations urge people over the age of 50 to get screened for colon cancer, a study has found that colonoscopies are often overused by the elderly. According to a study at the University of Texas, older people used colonoscopies too often, and 23 percent of the screenings were found to be inappropriate. In 2008, the United States Preventative Services Task Force also recommended ...
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  • Collision with Gas Tanker Kills Five Teens In Texas

    On the same day as an car accident took the lives of six teens in Ohio, another crash involving a tanker truck in Texas resulted in the death of five teens. On Sunday afternoon, an SUV slammed into a gas tanker, sending both vehicles up in flames. The teens inside the SUV were all killed, and the truck driver suffered serious injuries. The driver of the SUV, 16-year-old Paul Stipe failed to stop ...
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  • Distracted Driving: GM Plans To Install 4G WiFi In New Cars

    In a move that is surprising some safety experts, leading car-maker GM announced that it will start equipping its vehicles with 4G LTE service through AT&T. The fast connection will apparently bring dramatically better Internet service to built-in features like in-dash navigation. It will also serve as a mobile wi-fi hotspot - creating even more temptation for distracted driving. Observers are ...
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  • Six Teens Killed In Overcrowded SUV Accident

    An overcapacity SUV crashed into a pond in Ohio early Sunday morning, killing six teens and injuring two. There were eight teens in the five-seat Honda Passport, speeding down a two-lane road, when it veered over the left side of the road, crashed into a guardrail and flipped over into a pond near the city of Warren. The 19-year-old driver did not have permission to use the vehicle. The crash, ...
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  • Texting And Driving Bill Gaining Momentum In Florida

    A bill to make texting and driving illegal has cleared the Florida House and Senate committees, after years of proposals stalling out. The bill by Rep. Doug Holder to make texting while driving a secondary offense passed unanimously out of a House transportation subcommittee. However, the bill has more committees to clear. Florida is currently one of only five states without any restrictions on ...
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  • Unreported Drug Side Effects Found Using Internet Data

    Using data from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo search engines, researchers have found evidence of unreported prescription drug side effects before they were found by the Food and Drug Administration. Using automated software tools, scientists from Microsoft, Stanford and Columbia University examined queries by six million Internet users taken from web search logs in 2010, related to antidepressant, ...
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  • Distracted Driving: "Designated Texter" Campaign Targets Florida

    Our last post introduced a focus on distracted driving in Florida. With the Florida legislature poised to consider a ban on texting and driving for the fifth time in five years, this coverage is looking at the traffic safety reasons for doing anything we can to cut back on distracted driving. In the absence of current legislation, some state authorities are taking whatever steps they can to cut ...
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  • Deadly, Resistant Bacteria Spreading Among U.S. Hospitals

    A deadly bacteria that is resistant to the strongest antibiotics is spreading through hospitals across the United States, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging hospitals to take action. The bacteria, called carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, has grown over the past decade and grown resistant to even the strongest antibiotics. According to the CDC, half of the ...
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  • Steroid Injections Prove Ineffective For Back Pain

    A new study has found that spinal injections to treat pinched nerves or other forms of back pain may cause more harm than good. According to the study published in the journal Spine, researchers found significantly less improvement among those receiving spinal injections, compared to those who did not. The study looked at 69 patients who had spinal injections and 207 patients who did not over four ...
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  • Distracted Driving: Florida Is One Of The Last Outliers

    Our blog has dealt with distracted driving on several occasions - whether due to mobile phones or ever-more-sophisticated dashboard technology, distractions are a serious safety problem for Miami and the rest of Florida. This post will introduce a series that focuses on distracted driving for the next several weeks. As many readers will likely believe, Florida is a special place. However, our ...
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  • The Rising Costs of Medical Bills

    This year, Americans are likely to spend $2.8 trillion on health care. Of the 2.8 trillion, about $800 billion will be paid by the federal government through the Medicare insurance program for the disabled and those 65 and older and the Medicaid program, which provides for the poor. The difference will be paid by private insurance companies, those who have no insurance or those who will pay ...
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  • Daytona Race Crash Update: Will Venues Act To Protect Spectators?

    One of our recent posts looked at some of the issues that might pop up in the lawsuits by victims of last weekend's Daytona 500 crash. This post will look at some ways that the American racing industry can act to prevent similar injuries in the future. To start with, this is not the first racing crash to injure spectators. Nearly 50 spectators died in racecar crash incidents between 1990 and 2010. ...
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