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Blog Posts in July, 2013

  • Four Workers Critically Injured In Florida Propane Explosion

    Twenty-pound canisters of propane exploded over the course of about 30 minutes earlier this week at a Blue Rhino plant in central Florida. At least eight workers reported injuries as a result of the explosions and subsequent fires; four were considered critically injured. The critical injuries included severe burns . At least one witness noted that the skin appeared to falling off four seriously ...
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  • Cruise Lines Release Crime Information, Increasing Transparency

    Passengers looking to book a cruise will now be able to research the number of alleged crimes were reported to cruise operations. The U.S. House and Senate introduced legislation that would require the crime information be made available to the public. Currently, only crimes that are no longer being investigated by the FBI are included in crime statistics available to the public. A report ...
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  • Daytona Doctor Failed To Diagnose Cancer In 4-Year-Old, According To Suit

    A four-year-old girl lost one eye to cancer and suffered additional damages to the other because her physician failed to diagnose the tumor that was growing inside. According to a recently-filed medical malpractice lawsuit in Daytona Beach, the doctor had as many as eight opportunities in less than a year to properly diagnose retinoblastoma but he failed every time. On two occasions, according to ...
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  • Spanish Passenger Train Derails, Killing 80 People

    A passenger train bound for Santiago de Compostela, Spain bounced against a curved wall and raced off the track, killing 80 on board. One of Europe's worst rail accidents in recent years, footage from a security camera show the train speeding, linked with the driver who boasted on his Facebook about breaking speed records. Emergency workers were still picking through debris Thursday. The driver, ...
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  • Jury Awards Couple $6 Million After Misdiagnosis Of Heart Infection

    Fifty-nine-year-old Jeffrey Schneider suffered a debilitating stroke that took away the use of the right side of his body after his physician failed to diagnose an infection in one of his heart valves. Mr. Schneider has been unable to work since the stroke and suffers short term memory loss in addition to the physical disabilities. A jury agreed with Schneider and his wife's claim that medical ...
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  • Doctors' Communication Failure Ends In Severe Patient Brain Damage

    MacKenzie Briant survived a heart transplant that corrected a congenital heart defect. She fought through four months of her life with only half a heart, according to her mother and had regained much of the ground that she had lost, if any, by being born with a malfunctioning heart. But, five years ago she received a major setback when she needed treatment for a cold. Her immune system was ...
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  • CT Scans Increasing Risk of Future Cancer in Children

    A new study suggests that CT scans are increasing the risk for future cancer in children. Every year, more than 4 million CT scans are performed on children, and in a report published in JAMA Pediatrics researchers estimate that one year's CT scanning in the United States would produce 4,879 future cancers in children under 15. Researchers counted the number of CT scans performed on children under ...
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  • Kids Who Play Sports Experiencing Greater Numbers Of Head Injuries

    Head injuries, including traumatic brain injury , are becoming more and more common among high school athletes, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Between 2000 and 2009, the number of reported head injuries rose by 60 percent for kids under 19. At the same time, more and more is being learned about the long term effects of a head injury, thanks in part to lawsuits brought against ...
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  • Bill Could Make it Harder for Those Injured By Asbestos

    A bill made it through the House of the Judiciary Committee last month that would make it harder for plaintiffs injured by asbestos to get fair compensation. The bill was designed to eliminate fraud and abuse, but no evidence that shows any significant fraud or abuse. According to the New York Times Editorial Board, Congress ought to commission a study of whether there is even a problem that needs ...
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  • Be Prepared: Tropical Storms Can Cause Millions In Damages

    Every year storms of all types wreak havoc in our country. Florida is especially vulnerable. Last year's Tropical Storm Isaac, which became a hurricane when it hit the Gulf Coast, caused an estimated $72 million in damages in Palm Beach County alone. The Miami Herald reports that the $72 million figure included damages to local businesses, public infrastructure and individual homes. Due to the ...
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  • Monitoring Alarms Causing Nurse Fatigue, Patient Deaths

    A machine that was supposed to monitor the breathing of a 17-year-old tonsillectomy patient had been muted by health care staff, so when the teen's breathing slowed in response to a painkiller she received, no one heard the alarm that should have warned her care team that she was in trouble. Twenty-five minutes later, the teen had suffered severe brain injury and died 15 days later. She walked ...
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  • Florida Home to Some of the Worst Drivers in America

    All Florida drivers know the headache associated with driving in the Sunshine State. Along with road rage and bumper-to-bumper traffic, it often seems as though the rules of the road are just guidelines for many drivers in Florida. Well, Floridian driving skills, or lack thereof, have placed it at the top of Allstate's annual reports on the worst drivers in America numerous times. Although ...
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  • Second Florida Pediatric Nursing Home Closes Amid Controversy

    A Tampa nursing home , which was accused of failing to provide meaningful activities to the severely disabled kids who lived there, was denied funding from Medicare and Medicaid. Lakeshore Villas is the second pediatric nursing home to close this year amid controversy over the warehousing of frail children. The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will cease payments to the nursing home ...
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  • Teen Tourists Latest Victims Of Dangerous Florida Parasailing

    Two teen girls vacationing in Florida from Indiana suffered serious injuries after the parasail they were riding in, run by Aquatic Adventures in Panama City Beach, broke free from its tow boat. Wind gusts propelled the parachute - while still carrying the two girls - into the Commodore hotel before dropping into a parking lot full of cars. Both girls are in critical condition after the accident ...
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  • Deadly Listeria Outbreak Linked To Cheese

    An outbreak of listeria linked to cheese might have killed one person, and sickened four others. The Food and Drug Administration has linked the outbreak to Les Freres cheese, distributed by Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics based in Wisconsin. Cases of listeria were reported in Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. One of the reported cases was a pregnant woman who suffered a miscarriage, and ...
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  • Leaky Gas Tank Caused Brick Oven To Explode During 4th BBQ

    A backyard barbeque brought in some unintended guests when emergency personnel responded to a small explosion and patio fire at a home in Hialeah Gardens. Four men were airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center after a custom-built brick oven exploded during the 4 th of July celebration. Only one man was reported to be in critical condition after the accident , likely suffering burns and other injuries ...
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  • Fireworks Safety Can Avoid Serious Injuries This 4th Of July

    What's the 4 th of July without a fireworks display? A little bit safer holiday is the easy answer. Whether you purchase fireworks, enjoy a neighborhood display or attend any of the events put on by communities throughout South Florida, don't forget that what you're really doing when playing with fireworks is playing with fire . Already this Independence Day season, a 41-year-old man from Pompano ...
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