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Blog Posts in November, 2012

  • Tobacco Companies Ordered To Admit Deception About Smoking

    On Tuesday, a federal judge ordered tobacco companies to admit publicly that they lied to the American people about the dangers and addictiveness of smoking. Judge Gladys Kessler ordered the tobacco industry to release these statements in the form of advertisements and package labels. This ruling stems from a case that began in 1999, and found that tobacco companies were concealing the dangers of ...
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  • Child Safety: Bounce Houses Injure 31 Kids Every day

    According to a new study from the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, inflatable bouncers are involved in an "alarming" number of child injuries. The study linked bouncers to 65,000 injuries between 1990 and 2010. Even more surprising, the rate of injuries doubled in recent years: a bouncer-related injury affected a child once every 46 minutes between 2008 and 2010. That adds ...
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  • Long Commutes Can Take A Toll On Your Health

    Most people in the United States have to commute to work. For some, that commute can take several hours every day. These long commutes, coupled with the increased traffic in densely populated cities, can lead to adverse health effects. Along with stress, heavy traffic can cause high blood pressure in drivers. Long term stress is known to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. A study in the ...
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  • Bed Rails Linked To Deaths, Serious Injuries

    Bed rails, used mostly in hospitals and nursing homes, have been linked to the deaths of over 100 older adults in the past decade. Due to this large number, the Food and Drug Administration, along with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, has begun an investigation into the safety of bed rails. According to the consumer agency, from 2003 to May 2012 there have been 150 deaths of mostly older ...
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  • Cholesterol Drug Lipitor Recalled Due To Glass Particles

    Over forty batches of the popular cholesterol drug Lipitor have been recalled after concerns that the drug may contain particles of glass. The manufacturer, Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals, has recalled its bottles of its 10-, 20- and 40-milligram tablets of atorvastatin calcium, the generic version of Lipitor. A full list of recalled products can be found here: . ...
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  • Dive Boat Capsizes off Pompano Beach, Killing A Passenger

    Pompano Beach's Hillsboro Inlet has a reputation as a frequently dangerous waterway. Despite this reputation, a dive boat tried to navigate the inlet in extremely rough conditions on Thanksgiving Day. As the boat was headed back to dock after finishing a trip with 21 divers, a strong wave flipped it over and threw all of its occupants into the water. One woman became trapped under the boat and ...
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  • Most Wanted 2012: The NTSB's New Safety Recommendations, Part 2

    Last week the NTSB released its "Most Wanted" list for 2012. The list looks at ten of the biggest areas of improvement involving transportation safety. While the NTSB's list is only advisory, it represents expert insight into the biggest transportation-related risks facing Florida and the rest of the country. This is the second of two posts to look at the NTSB's new list. The last post covered the ...
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  • Infant Travel Bed Recalled Following Death

    The manufacturer behind the Pea Pod Travel Crib has recalled 220,000 portable sleep tents following the death of a 5-month old in New York. The travel crib, made by KidCo, has an air mattress that fits into a zipped pocket in the floor of the domed tent, which collapses for easy transport. The infant's head is believed to have become lodged between the mattress and the side of the tent, causing ...
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  • Diabetes Drug Makers Ordered To Pay $90 Million

    The company behind the diabetes drug Avandia has been ordered to pay $90 million to settle allegations the drug company unlawfully promoted its drug. GlaxoSmithKline was accused in February 2010 of hiding the risks associated with Avandia from the public. According to the report by the Senate Finance Committee, the drug was linked to tens of thousands of heart attacks, which the company knew ...
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  • Most Wanted 2012: The NTSB's New Safety Recommendations, Part 1

    The National Transportation Safety Board recently released the most recent update of its annual "Most Wanted" list. Covering all forms of transportation in Florida and throughout the United States, the list presents the agency's top ten recommendations for safety improvements. This is the first of two posts that will look at the NTSB's biggest concerns going into 2013. One of these recommendations ...
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  • American Drivers Are Buckling Up In Record Numbers

    The number of drivers and passengers that are wearing their seat belts has reached an all-time high in 2012. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's annual survey, seat belt use was at 86 percent, up 2 percentage points from last year. The survey also revealed that most improved region in the United States was the South, which rose from 80 percent to 85 percent in one year. ...
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  • Monster, 5-hour Energy Drinks Possible Cause Of Multiple Deaths

    The Food and Drug Administration confirmed this week that reports may link 13 deaths to the caffeinated drink 5-hour Energy over the past four years. The energy shot is also mentioned in over 90 FDA filings, including more than 30 that involved serious or life-threatening events such as heart attacks and convulsions. However, this is not the first time energy drinks have been in the spotlight for ...
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  • Second Deadly Case Of Bacterial Meningitis Due To Misdiagnosis

    A second person has died from bacterial meningitis after a missed diagnosis in South Florida. Bryant De La Cruz died Tuesday morning just hours after being discharged from Baptist Hospital, after complaining of a headache, fever and pain all over his body. He was diagnosed with viral pharyngitis and told to take Tylenol. Cruz, 25, died on his way back to the hospital the next morning. This case is ...
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  • Bacterial Meningitis Death Reminiscent Of Previous Case

    Reading the article this morning in the Miami Herald about Bryant De La Cruz's death of bacterial meningitis reminds me of the family of a seven year old boy who we represented after the young boy died of meningitis which was undiagnosed at a local hospital. Like Mr. De La Cruz, the young boy we represented was taken to the hospital and discharged with instructions to take Tylenol and rest. He too ...
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  • Toyota Recalls Over 2 Million Cars Worldwide

    Toyota Motor Corp has issued a recall of over 2 million vehicles, including the Toyota Prius, due to problems with the steering shaft and hybrid water pump system. The vehicles, which include 670,000 Prius hybrids, and the Toyota Corolla, need to be inspected and, in some cases, replaced. In the United States, the recall includes 2004 through 2009 model years for the Prius. Although there have ...
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  • Accidental Deaths on the Rise in the United States

    Every year, more than 120,000 Americans die from accidental injuries. This number includes motor vehicles accidents, pedestrian accidents, aviation accidents, falls and many more. The number of deaths should be a wakeup call for state and federal regulators to focus on establishing better safety laws, increasing inspections of all forms of transportation and educating people. Since 1980, the ...
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  • Teenage Drivers: The Do's and Don'ts

    It's a rite of passage when a teenager turns 16 they get their learner's permit in the state of Florida. However, there are important things to remember if you are a parent with a teenage driver . The statistics are grim when it comes to teenagers and motor vehicles. Car accidents are the leading cause of death of teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19. Every day, seven teenagers die in a motor ...
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  • Pros And Cons Of Electronic Medical Records

    Many hospitals and clinics are making the switch from paper to electronic records. The electronic records are expected to be more efficient and improve health care by making patient records more easily accessible to all who treat them. Despite the fact that the bad handwriting of doctors will no longer be an issue, the switch to electronic records is expected to be costly and cause some ...
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  • Florida Nursing Homes And Vulnerable Children

    Florida's controversial decision to care for developmentally challenged children in nursing homes is at the center of a growing hurricane of criticism. According a lawsuit filed by the federal Department of Justice, Florida has "planned, structured and administered a system of care that has led to the unnecessary separation and isolation of hundreds of children in nursing facilities." Like all ...
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  • Painkillers Leading Cause Of Accidental Deaths

    Motor vehicle accidents once held the title, but now prescription pain killers are the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, poisoning took the top spot after 41,000 Americans died compared to 38,000 in car accidents. Of those who died from poisoning, 90% were a direct result of drugs. Since 1980, the percentage of ...
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  • Impact Not Required To Be Involved In Auto Accident

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently ruled that a driver who causes an auto accident without actual physical contact can still be convicted on charges related to death or injury stemming from the accident. The ruling revolved around a case in which a man recklessly cut off other vehicles on the road, causing the cars to crash, and one person to die. The man claims that he could not be convicted ...
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  • Doctors Often Miss Signs Of Heart Disease In Young Adults

    A study released this week at the American Heart Association conference found that symptoms of heart disease, such as high blood pressure, often go undiagnosed in younger patients. In the study, 13,593 health records were analyzed and revealed that two-thirds of the patients between 18 to 24 years old were not diagnosed with hypertension. The study also found that female doctors were more likely ...
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  • Second Illness Affecting Those With Meningitis

    People infected with meningitis from contaminated steroid injections are now being treated for a second illness stemming from the shots. Doctors are now finding that the steroid injections are causing epidural abscesses, which are localized infections near the spine where the drug was injected. The abscesses have resulted in return visits to the hospital, and often surgery. Epidural abscesses ...
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  • Could The Miami Bus Stop Crash Result In Lawsuits?

    Several weeks ago, a Miami man lost control of his car and crashed into a bus stop, killing one woman and injuring several other people. The man faces several criminal charges in the case and has now come forward with his account of what happened. This driver said last week that another car cut him off, forcing him to swerve to avoid hitting it. Although the man claims that he only crashed into ...
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  • Miami Family Wants Independent Investigation Into Fatal Crash

    Three weeks after a crash with a Hialeah police car killed a 21-year-old Miami-area woman, the victim's family is calling for an independent look at what happened - both at what caused the wreck and how paramedics responded. Depending on a number of factors, this could lead to a wrongful death lawsuit to hold government entities accountable. Like many fatal car accidents , this wreck appears to ...
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