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Miami Beach Nursing Home Residents Wake To Car Crashing Into Building

After hopping the curb in North Miami Beach, a red car slammed into the side of a nursing home on West Dixie Highway. At least four people at the nursing home were injured by the surprise guest; the driver of the car was killed in the fatal auto accident.

The car struck the Watercrest Care Center between the first and second floors, crashing into residents' rooms around 2 am. Early reports note that speed was likely a factor. The nursing home is surrounded by a fence that the driver plowed through before colliding with the building itself.

Those injured from the nursing home are expected to recover from the injuries sustained in the overnight crash.

Who Is Responsible For Injuries And Damages From The Crash?

The answer seems simple: the driver of the out-of-control car that smashed into the nursing home wall and his or her insurance provider. But, there are often more issues than just those that appear most readily.

It was late at night (or early in the morning, depending on your view). Was the driver intoxicated? If so, where did he or she drink to the point of intoxication? There may be some liability on the part of a restaurant or bar that overserved a visibly drunk patron. Florida dram shop liability laws are very limited in scope, so this may or may not apply, depending on the age and drinking habits of the driver.

What about the nursing home itself? A business has a duty to provide a safe environment for consumers. In legal terms, the failure to do so may give rise to a premises liability claim. Have there been other instances of motor vehicles crashing through the barrier around the nursing home? If so, perhaps more could have been done to create a safe environment for residents and staff at the care center.

No reason for the crash has yet been offered by investigators.

Source: Miami Herald, "Out-of-control car crashes into nursing home; driver killed, 4 others injured"


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