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Blog Posts in March, 2011

  • Nineteen Percent of Drivers Admit They Surf Web While Driving

    The U.S. Department of Transportation has made a cause of cutting down on, and hopefully eliminating, distracted driving. In 2009, 5,474 people were killed and 448,000 were injured in car accidents caused by distracted driving . Unfortunately, a recent informal survey of around 900 respondents done by State Farm Insurance found that efforts to inform the public and crack down on distracted driving ...
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  • $16 Million in Damages for Brain Injury in Pedestrian Accident

    A young doctor who was hit by a car when she was out jogging suffered such severe brain injuries that she will never be able to practice medicine again. She sued the city where the accident took place, claiming that the city planners knew that the intersection was dangerous and did nothing to prevent a pedestrian car accident . The jury in the case determined that the doctor was due $16 million in ...
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  • Wrongful Death Suit Filed in Fatal Drunk Driving Crash

    It was the worst day of her brother's life. Last October, a 21-year-old woman was killed by a drunk driver. When the police informed her brother, he didn't know what to do. Eventually, he and the woman's father decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The young woman was in a car with her boyfriend when a young driver, also 21, in a pickup truck struck the driver's side door of their car. The ...
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  • Toyota Moves for Judicial Notice of NASA Report

    Toyota has had a lot of problems in recent years, primarily stemming from an epidemic of sudden acceleration accidents involving Toyota and Lexus automobiles. After recalling millions of vehicles multiple times, and facing so many car accident lawsuits that the federal courts consolidated them under a single judge, Toyota finally got a glimmer of good news when a report from NASA concluded that ...
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  • Trial Begins in Case of Failure to Diagnose Cancer

    The medical malpractice trial of a doctor who failed to diagnose lung cancer in a 50-year-old patient began this week. The patient died from the disease. So far, a physician who appeared as an expert for the plaintiffs has testified that the defendant doctor was fully qualified to have identified and diagnosed the patient's cancer the very first time she was examined. Instead, the defendant ...
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  • Problem Doctors Go Undisciplined - Florida Has Worst Rate

    A new report has found that in many states, more than half of the doctors who have had their privileges revoked or restricted by a hospital have faced no disciplinary action from their state medical board. The failure to discipline doctors in so many cases raises the question of how often these problem doctors go on to commit some form of medical malpractice . Patient safety seems to be at risk. ...
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  • Major NHL sponsor puts up fight against hard hits

    Ice hockey is one of the most dangerous sports played professionally in the U.S. with its hard hitting and almost glorified fighting. The sport is infamous for leaving players with concussions and other serious brain injuries . Now, Air Canada, one of the National Hockey League's biggest sponsors, has threatened to pull its sponsorship because of violent play that it says hampers its image. The ...
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  • Judgment of $2.5 Million for Failure to Diagnose Cancer

    Back in 2004, a police officer who was suffering from rectal bleeding and other gastric symptoms went to see his doctor. The doctor treated him for some other complaints, but never ordered tests for colon cancer, despite the fact that the officer had typical symptoms for the disease. Later, the police officer moved to another state. He saw another doctor because he continued to have problems with ...
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  • $3 Million Medical Malpractice Verdict for Ulcer Surgery

    Back in January of 2006, a patient entered an Alabama hospital to have surgery for a duodenal ulcer. Soon after the operation, the man needed multiple blood transfusions. The 37-year-old man was discharged from the hospital, but within days, he died. The patient's family sued the hospital and the doctors who treated the man. They argued in their lawsuit that the patient did not receive adequate ...
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  • 350 Killed Each Year in Avoidable Underride Truck Accidents

    An underride accident refers to a collision between a car and the rear of a tractor-trailer truck. The car slides under the trailer, and is almost always fatal for the passengers in the front seat of the car. Safety protections are supposed to be in place to prevent underride truck accidents , but recent tests showed that the standards are not nearly strong enough. Even without the recent tests, ...
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