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Blog Posts in January, 2011

  • Jury Awards $94,000 in Damages in Tour Bus Crash

    A jury recently awarded $94,000 to a man who was injured in a tour bus crash in 2008. Ricardo Vega was employed as a bass player by Tejano singer Emilio Navaira. On the night of the crash, Vega was one of seven passengers on Navaira's tour bus. Navaira was at the wheel of the bus when the band was driving to San Antonio after a show. On a Houston highway, the bus crashed in a one-vehicle accident ...
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  • Medical Malpractice Drug Overdose Case Settles for $2.5 Million

    A medical malpractice case in which a four-year-old girl was killed recently settled for $2.5 million. The girl and her two siblings were all prescribed drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and bipolar illness. But the parents were faking the children's illnesses and dispensing too much of the medication. The psychiatrist who prescribed the drugs was employed by Tufts Medical Center ...
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  • Wrongful Death: Jury Awards $1 Million in Nursing Home Fall

    A jury recently awarded over $1 million in damages to the family of a woman involved in a wrongful death case. After having back surgery, the 69-year-old woman was admitted to the Heather Knoll Retirement Village, on a temporary basis, while she recovered. The jury found that at the time of the fall, the woman was anemic and had a urinary infection. Because of these conditions, she was confused ...
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  • Jury Awards $5.34 Million to Estate of Miami Immigration Officer

    He was an immigration officer. He was also a husband and a father of four children. He was a man who made time for his family despite the demands of a stressful job. When he died, he was cruising on U.S. 41 East with his wife; he on his motorcycle and she on hers. Now a Collier County jury has reached out to help the fallen officer's family: the jury awarded his estate $5.34 million after four and ...
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  • Miami Car Accident Proves Fatal for Pedestrian Bystander, Ends in Fight

    Car accidents can occur anywhere and at anytime. Witnesses to the "fender benders" often remain on the scene to answer questions, give their account of the incident and observe the scene with an innate human curiosity. The experience may cause a little excitement in their day, but usually a minor car accident has no significant effect on the remainder of their lives. The general rule was not true ...
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  • Research on Spinal Cord Injuries Shows Promise

    Victims of severe spinal cord injuries, whether the cause of the injury was negligence or accident, almost always suffer partial or total paralysis. Researchers have been looking at ways to stimulate muscles with electricity for some time. The hope is that at some point muscle stimulation could be coordinated in a way sophisticated enough to allow paralyzed people to stand and even walk. ...
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  • Family Settles Medical Malpractice Case for $2.3 Million

    A family recently settled a medical malpractice lawsuit with the federal government that stemmed from birth injuries sustained at the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center. The family's daughter was born with severe injuries that include cerebral palsy. The Justice Department admitted no malpractice but settled the case for $2.3 million. Miami medical malpractice attorneys noted news reports on the case ...
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  • Pfizer Sued Over Stop-Smoking Drug Chantix

    2011 is not starting off well for United States pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, Inc. A day after reporting that the drug manufacturer had paid a San Juan pharmacist $1.5 Million to settle her lawsuit against the drug company over the menopause drug Prempro which helped cause her breast cancer, Pfizer is now embattled in thousands of lawsuits over its stop-smoking drug Chantix. It was revealed today ...
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  • Many Drivers Still Do Not Wear Seat Belts

    A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that one out of every seven Americans still does not regularly wear a seat belt when driving or riding in a vehicle. Miami auto accident attorneys note that in most states, seat belt use has become the norm. Florida is one of the states that has mandatory seat belt laws. Florida has a "primary" seat belt law, which means ...
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  • Prempro Menopause Drug Found to Cause Cancer

    A Puerto Rico jury ruled this week that pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, Inc. must pay $1.5 million in damages to Helen Rivera-Adams, a San Juan pharmacist who developed breast cancer after taking Prempro, one of the company's menopause drugs. After two days of deliberations, San Juan jurors concluded that Pfizer's Wreth unit failed to properly warn Ms. Rivera-Adams or her physicians about the serious ...
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  • Are You a Victim of Forced Lender Based Insurance?

    Floridians have been increasingly victimized by banks and other lenders through forced insurance policies. Also known as lender placed insurance policies; these are insurance policies that banks and other lenders purchase at grossly inflated premiums. Generally, a home mortgage agreement or a car loan contains a promise whereby a borrower must maintain an insurance policy on the property. If those ...
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  • Family of Victim of Drunk Trucker Is Awarded $15 Million

    The family of a man killed in a massive truck crash has been awarded $15 million by a federal court. The truck driver was drunk at the time of the crash. The driver, Stanislaw Gil, was not injured in the crash. His 18-wheeler was fully loaded with cargo when it hit a car at the start of a highway construction zone. Miami auto accident attorneys who handle truck accidents noted news reports that ...
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  • Ford Expands Windstar Minivan Recall

    Sean Bowman, a 28 year old coast guard veteran with two daughters, who had recently enrolled in a Massachusetts community college, was driving with a classmate when the rear axle of his Ford Windstar mini-van cracked in half, sent the minivan crashing into a nearby building, and instantly killed him. After receiving hundreds of condolence cards in the mail, the Bowman family went to the mailbox ...
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