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Blog Posts in February, 2011

  • Car Accident Victim With Serious Dental Injuries Gets $5 Million

    A woman who was driving a Cadillac on the wrong side of the road came over a hill and crashed into the pickup truck of a man who was on his way to meet with a customer for his employer. The woman was fatally injured in the head-on collision . The pickup driver had a leg broken in two places, a fractured foot, a broken jaw, and damage to 24 out of his 28 teeth. The impact of the collision was so ...
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  • Florida has Second Highest Pedestrian Death Rate in the United States

    In a new report, The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) has warned parents, children, and pedestrians of an alarming increase in the number of pedestrian fatalities on Florida streets over the past year. In fact, close to 40 more pedestrians were killed in 2010 when compared to the already above-average number of fatalities recorded in 2009. The FHP's warning comes on the heels of a report issued by the ...
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  • Toddler's Hands and Feet Amputated After Delay of Treatment

    A toddler who was desperately ill was brought to the emergency room by her parents. While they waited to be seen, the girl got sicker and sicker. After five hours of begging for the child to be examined, the father burst into the medical department and demanded help for his daughter. This did not happen in a third-world country, but right in the United States. The little girl was suffering from ...
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  • NASA Study Reveals 2010 Toyota Problems Mechanical, Not Electric

    In 2010, amid enormous public scrutiny, Toyota Motors recalled millions of vehicles due to several fatal car accidents stemming from "unintended acceleration". Driver reports listed problems ranging from "sticky gas pedals" to ill-fitting floor mats, and from flawed brakes to suspected electrical problems. Since then, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the National Highway Traffic ...
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  • Trucker's Left Turn Causes Truck Accident at Intersection

    A St. Augustine man was seriously injured early Thursday when his Honda Civic drove under a tractor-trailer that was turning in front of him. The trucking accident occurred on Florida 207 at the intersection of Deerpark Boulevard. The truck driver apparently did not see the Honda Civic traveling in the left lane next to him when he began to make a left turn. It is unclear whether the truck driver ...
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  • JPMorgan Chase Overcharged Servicemembers' Mortgages

    Banking giant JPMorgan Chase has been overcharging thousands of American military servicepeople on their mortgages. The mortgage lender has admitted that it overcharged more than four thousand military families and unjustly foreclosed on fourteen of them. Overcharging military families is a violation of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, which is supposed to protect military personnel and their ...
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  • NHTSA: Toyota Electronic Systems Not Causing Accelerations

    The electronic systems of Toyota and Lexus vehicles are not causing sudden acceleration car crashes. That was the conclusion of a ten-month-long investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The conclusion of this investigation changed none of the previous conclusions that floor mats and sticky accelerator pedals have been causing sudden acceleration car accidents , though. ...
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  • New Bill Aimed At Improving Safety In Parasailing Industry

    A new bill proposed in Florida looks to place regulations on the much-maligned parasailing industry. The bill is named for parasailing victim Alejandra White, who died last year when her parasail malfunctioned and dragged her into several objects along the shoreline. White's fiancé, who was with her on the tandem parasail and survived the accident, filed a lawsuit shortly thereafter which led to ...
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  • Car Accident Victim Is Awarded $3 Million in Damages

    An off-duty police officer who caused a car accident has been ordered by a jury to pay $3.1 million in damages. The woman who was awarded the compensation fractured her pelvis, her right foot and her left hip in the crash. She also had to have surgery on both of her knees. The officer had just dropped off his children when he was driving in a county-issued vehicle in heavy traffic in 2008. ...
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  • Bar That Served Drunk Driver Must Pay $800,000

    In Florida, if a bar serves alcohol to a patron who is visibly intoxicated, the bar is liable for damages caused by that intoxicated patron. Usually this means damages the intoxicated patron causes in a drunk driving auto accident . A recent case from New Jersey shows just how this "dram shop" liability works. The drunk driver is still liable for their own actions, but a bar that served them and ...
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