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Blog Posts in September, 2010

  • Tired Drivers Are Just As Dangerous As Drunk Drivers

    Studies have shown that tired drivers are a bigger factor in car accidents than most people think. No amount of training or experience can overcome the effects of fatigue. Steven Hursh, a fatigue expert at Johns Hopkins University, says, "Temporarily, a person who otherwise is very experienced, very well trained, very, very good at what they do -- fatigue can make that person stupid" Hursh has ...
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  • Florida Teen Dies in Negligent Breast Surgery

    Stephanie Kuleba was a cheerleader for West Boca High School when she underwent plastic surgery for an inverted nipple and asymmetrical breasts. Because of a rare genetic condition known as malignant hyperthermia, Stephanie had a severe reaction to the anasthesia. The anasthesiologist administered the antidote, dantrolene, as quickly as he could. But he and the plastic surgeon were unable to save ...
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  • Deaths from Distracted Driving Decreasing

    Distracted drivers caused 6 percent fewer deaths in 2009 than in 2008, according to a Department of Transportation report released Monday. Although the numbers were encouraging, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood added, "These numbers show that distracted driving remains an epidemic in America, and they are just the tip of the iceberg." He was referring to the fact that many police reports do ...
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  • Survey: Teens Not Sure Texting While Driving Is That Dangerous

    State Farm Insurance announced a new survey today that should send us all a message: Teen drivers aren't convinced that distracted driving is all that dangerous. Despite several years of public education campaigns fighting to cut down on auto accidents caused by driver distraction, teens aren't taking the point. The survey, performed by Harris Interactive, involved interviews of some 700 14- to ...
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  • First a Wrongful Death Verdict of $21 Million; Now a New Trial

    An appellate court recently ruled that a wrongful death case that resulted in a $21.6 million verdict should be retried. Miami wrongful death attorneys following the case note that the accident involved, which was a collision between a car and a train in Minnesota, brought about that state's largest ever wrongful death verdict for the deaths of minors or young adults. The railroad, Burlington ...
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  • Car Accident Fatalities at Lowest Levels Since 1950

    People who see the consequences of negligent driving, and work to hold bad drivers responsible for their actions, such as Miami auto accident attorneys , have been encouraged by a recent report. The Department of Transportation says that traffic deaths have fallen across the United States to levels not seen since 1950. The report says that traffic deaths fell 9.7 percent in 2009 to 33,808, the ...
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  • $131 Million Wrongful Death Verdict Against Ford Motor Co.

    Miami wrongful death attorneys noted a recent verdict against Ford Motor Company for a Ford Explorer rollover accident that resulted in the wrongful death of a minor league baseball player. The $131 million verdict is the eighth-largest jury award in 2010, and is the ninth largest U.S. verdict against an auto company. The jury in the case had not yet considered punitive damages, and Ford decided ...
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  • Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

    Riding a motorcycle is great fun. People all over Miami love to ride in the open air. But there is some danger involved. Miami auto accident attorneys know that over 166,000 Americans are injured in motorcycle accidents every year. Around 5000 of those accidents result in fatalities. Experienced riders and beginners learn fast to be alert to their surroundings. Motorcycles, despite their ...
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  • Parkland Girl Suffers Brain, Spinal Injuries After Falling From Ride

    A 12-year-old Parkland girl who fell 100 feet from an amusement park ride while on vacation in Wisconsin at the end of July was transferred to a hospital much closer to home yesterday. The girl had been riding Terminal Velocity at the Extreme World amusement park within Wisconsin Dells, 50 miles northwest of Madison. Wisconsin Dells is one of the most popular amusement / water parks in the ...
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