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Blog Posts in 2010

  • Verdict of $152 Million in Wrongful Death Smoking Case

    A court ruled earlier this month that the Lorillard Tobacco Company was responsible for the wrongful death of Marie Evans. The company's liability stemmed from its practice of handing out free cigarettes to children, including Ms. Evans. Marie Evans became addiced to cigarettes and died of lung cancer. Miami wrongful death attorneys noted that the court awarded $71 million in compensatory damages, ...
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  • Florida Jury Awards $14 Million to Drunk Driving Crash Victims

    A Florida jury came out with a fourteen million dollar verdict last week for the family of two boys killed in a drunk driving car crash. The drunk driver, George Butler, 36, was estimated to be traveling at eighty miles per hour when he collided with the truck of the Juan Martinez family. Three sons were in the truck at the time of the crash. Eleven-year-old Juan Alexis was injured. One-year-old ...
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  • Woman to Sue Mayo Clinic for Transmitting Hepatitis C

    The widow of a man who allegedly contracted Hepatitis C at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, is bringing a medical malpractice lawsuit against the Clinic. The woman's husband had two liver transplants at the clinic, the first in 2006 and the second in 2008. According to the woman, her husband's tests show he did not have hepatitis C before his first transplant, but subsequent complications ...
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  • $11 Million in Compensation for Truck Accident

    In 2007, a semi tractor-trailer driven by Donald Pedrini struck a Toyota Tundra that was stopped in a highway construction zone. In the Toyota were James and Sheila Dye. Pedrini never slowed down his Freighter-class truck. The truck accident left the Dyes with serious injuries. Now a jury has awarded $6.4 million in damages to James Dye, and $4.6 million in damages to Sheila Dye. The collision ...
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  • Brain Injury Brings Verdict of $2 Million; $9 Million Total in Crash

    Susan Lutz suffered a brain injury in a car accident that has left her with vertigo for the rest of her life. Now a jury has awarded her more than two million dollars in damages. Lutz and another motorist injured in the three-vehicle pileup, Clarice Brewer, were awarded over nine million dollars in damages, when the awards are combined. The collision took place in April 2008. Jason Mudford was ...
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  • Wrongful Death Trial Ends With $35.25 Million Verdict

    A trial that took place four years after a truck accident caused four wrongful deaths , has resulted in a jury award of $35.25 million to the family of one of the victims. Anita Gibbs was 55 when she and three family members were rear-ended by an 18-wheeler on an interstate highway in 2006. The four women were on their way to a family wedding anniversary celebration. As their car stopped on the ...
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  • Settlement of $20 Million for Brain Injury

    A judge has approved a twenty million dollar settlement in a case where a car crash resulted in a brain injury and permanent disability for a two-year-old girl. Even with the multimillion dollar compensation for the brain injury , the family says there is a long road ahead caring for their daughter. On October 2nd, 2008, a family's minivan was hit by a truck hauling several pipes on its roof. A ...
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  • National Teen Safe Driving Week

    Family members, friends, educators, and policeman who have been affected and seen the horrors of teen driving deaths are helping to spread the word about the potential fatal repercussions of being distracted while driving can cause during this week's National Teen Safe Driving Week. For its part, The Florida Highway Patrol has been speaking in classrooms and to parent's groups through the week. ...
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  • Medical Malpractice Jury Awards $4.6 Million

    A hospital was recently found to have committed medical malpractice when they failed to provide blood to a woman who bled to death after giving birth. Claudia Calcagno, 36, delivered a healthy baby boy on January 18, 2008, but within hours she was dead. The errors that led to Calcagno's death had already begun by the time the baby was born. Evidence showed that a routine order to type and screen ...
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  • New Study Sheds Light on Unthinkable Surgical Errors

    How often does the wrong arm get amputated from a patient? What about removing a wrong patient's organ? According to a new Colorado medical study that was conducted over a six and a half year period, such surgical blunders unfortunately occur more frequently than previously thought. For example, in Colorado alone - doctors mistakenly operated on the wrong patient at least 25 times, and on the ...
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  • Thirty Million Dollar Verdict For Car Accident Victim

    A man whose spinal cord was injured when a truck hit his car on an interstate highway on-ramp, has been awarded thirty million dollars. The jury in his car accident case made the multimillion dollar award based on victim Koti Hu's paralysis. Mr. Hu sued the truck owner and the state Department of Transportation. Miami auto accident attorneys noted that the case against the DOT was that the ...
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  • Buoniconti May Have Spinal Cord Injury Cure Breakthrough

    Marc Buoniconti, the son of former Miami Dolphins Hall-of-Famer Nick Buoniconti, was playing in a college football game for The Citadel when he suffered an injury that paralyzed him from the neck down. That was twenty-five years ago. That day ended Marc Buoniconti's football career, but Miami spinal cord injury attorneys are saying it may also mark the beginning of a research project that could ...
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  • New Approaches For Preventing Medical Malpractice

    Honesty pays. In medical malpractice, it would pay doctors and medical organizations to be honest and pay legitimate claims. That was one of the findings of a recent study of the University of Michigan Health System. Beginning in 2001, Michigan changed their approach to malpractice claims. They decided to be up front with patients when errors took place. They decided to pay quickly when a ...
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  • $5 Million Car Accident Verdict Upheld By Court

    DaimlerChrysler appealed a $5 million jury award given to a couple whose unborn son was fatally injured when their Jeep Grand Cherokee backed up out of the blue and pinned the mother against a brick column. A recent ruling by an appellate court rejected the car company's claim that the trial judge made fatal errors in the original trial. August and Juli Guillot won their lawsuit in 2008, when they ...
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  • Tired Drivers Are Just As Dangerous As Drunk Drivers

    Studies have shown that tired drivers are a bigger factor in car accidents than most people think. No amount of training or experience can overcome the effects of fatigue. Steven Hursh, a fatigue expert at Johns Hopkins University, says, "Temporarily, a person who otherwise is very experienced, very well trained, very, very good at what they do -- fatigue can make that person stupid" Hursh has ...
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